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Battlegroups of Legend: Butcher and the Boyz

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Dec 16 2015


Butcher 3 can be the I in Khador as he is a 1 man army. Let’s take a look at how to get him to his target on the tabletop.

Some Butcher basics. He does damage to ARM25 on average. The problem Butcher can run into is getting to his destination. Today I want to look at some of the cast that makes Butcher’s path to his target a little bit easier.


  1. First off, lets talk about Madelyn Corbeua.  She can let the Butcher advance at the start of the turn if there are any enemies snooping around.  This is great for getting around obstacles or giving you that precious extra inch.
  2. Next off is keeping Butcher safe from guns.  This can be done a variety of ways. Gorman can cloud for 2 points, the Greylord Ternions can cloud multiple things for 4.  Either way is a good buff to Butchers shooting defense.
  3. Third is a shield guard or 2 if you are really worried.  Things like Eiryss disruptor bolt can make that 24 armor a much more manageable 18.  The Bokur is not the worst investment at 3 points.  It hits pretty hard around his client and can probably take at least 1 defender cannon shot before dying.  If you really don’t mind the point investment I think the best you are gonna get is a vanguard that is jackmarshalled by Raluk Moorclaw.  Raluk can repair Khador jacks and has an ok profile for killing an infantry model or 2.
  4. Eryiss 2 is useful for removing annoying upkeeps like crippling grasp or magnetic hold.  Shoot one of your puppies instead of butcher himself.
  5. Saxon Orrick can help you get over walls when you aren’t charging or both of your puppies are dead by giving butcher pathfinder.


What do you think BOLS?  Is this enough to get Butcher to his target.  Would you include something else?

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