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Star Wars X-Wing: Ghost and Phantom Preview

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Dec 8 2015
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Fantasty Flight Games shows off the latest Star Wars Rebel ships – Coming to an X-Wing Game near YOU!

The new Star Wars X-Wing Ghost Expansion is rapidly approaching and it’s bringing some new Star Wars: Rebels heroes into play!

via Fantasy Flight Games


Lothal orphan. Mandalorian explosives expert. Lasat Honor Guard. Ill-tempered Astromech Droid. Twi’lek pilot. Jedi survivor. These are the crew of the Ghost and the protagonists of the hit show Star Wars Rebels, and they will soon arrive to your games of X-Wing in the Ghost Expansion Pack.


The first Standard Play expansion to incorporate materials from Star Wars Rebels, and one of the most keenly anticipated expansions in X-Wing Wave VIII, the Ghost Expansion Pack allows you to fly to battle with Kanan Jarrus, Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger, and the rest of the Lothal Rebels. This fact, plus the fact that it introduces not just one, but two ships, makes the Ghost Expansion Pack an excellent entry point for new players looking to experiment with tactics beyond the X-Wing Core Set or The Force Awakens™ Core Set.

Just as the crew of the Ghost most often conduct their missions against the Empire as an isolated Rebel cell, theGhost Expansion Pack stands well on its own. Combined with your Core Set, this expansion provides everything you need to assemble a fun and competitive Rebel squadron. In fact, the Ghost Expansion Pack comes with so much material that we need two previews just to explore it all.

Today, though, we start by looking more closely at the expansion’s two miniature starships, the VCX-100 light freighter and the attack shuttle!



Foremost among all the components of the Ghost Expansion Pack are its two detailed miniature starships, both of which have been lovingly rendered at the same 1/270 scale used throughout all of X-WingStandard Play.

Notably, rendering these ships at 1/270 scale makes the first of them, the VCX-100 freighter, a massive presence on the battlefield. The largest large-base ship currently in X-Wing, the VCX-100 is even larger than the Galactic Empire’s VT-49 Decimator, and it dwarfs even some of the game’s other large-base ships, like the YT-2400.


The second ship in the Ghost Expansion Pack is the attack shuttle, a worthy addition to any Rebel squadron. The attack shuttle offers three attack, two agility, two shields, and two hull, as well as the focus, evade, and barrel roll actions. Notably, it is also the first Rebel ship for X-WingStandard Play that comes without the acquire target lock action and the first to arrive without a non-unique pilot.





Want to read more? Check out the Full Ghost Expansion Preview from Fantasy Flight Games.

Did you catch that teaser from Fantasy Flight Games? No? Let me requote it for you:

The first Standard Play expansion to incorporate materials from Star Wars Rebels…


That’s right – This is only the FIRST expansion to pack in some Star Wars Rebels love! We already know about the Inquisitor’s TIE but now I’m wondering what else they are going to pull from the massively popular Star Wars Rebel show!

Besides that the golden nugget The Ghost itself is a BEAST – 6 shields, 10 Hull and 4 firepower? Sign me up! It’s not very agile but with the Rebel’s “talent” to regen shields it could make for one tough cookie to crack. Throw in Zeb for good measure and hit the gas for “Ramming Speed” – if you bump, you’re at Range 1 so you’re kicking out 5 dice…Not too shabby! Don’t forget it’s ability to Dock the Phantom either – That could be a terrible Menace to Imperial Players…


Does anyone else think Karan Jarrus looks a little like Kyle Katarn?


Author: Adam Harrison
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