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X-Wing: Fixing the T-65

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Dec 30 2015


It’s sad that X-Wings aren’t often seen in X-Wing – Here’s what FFG needs to fix:


FFG has a clear winner on thier hands with the meteoric rise of X-wing.  It’s just unfortunate that the game’s namesake has been been left behind by 8 waves of newer ships.



The humble T-65 looks like this and is most readily compared to it’s episode VII counterpart the T-70.  Look at the difference in these two ships to see the problem:


The Original T-65



New and Improved T-70

For three points, the T-70 gives you:

  • 1 extra shield
  • Boost action
  • Tech upgrade slot
  • Green forward 3 move
  • Red Speed 3 Tallon Rolls (particularly useful)

Thus the cry out for something to be done to give the workhorse T-65 an update to keep it in the game. Now FFG designers have done a fantastic job of going back and tweaking ships that were underpowered to bring them roaring back into the meta:

Here are just a handful of fixes:


Chardaan Refit’s -2 point cost adjustment did the trick on the overcosted A-Wing






The BTL-A4 title turned the Y-Wing into a feared dual weapon jouster!




TIE Advanced

The X1 title turned the over-costed Advanced into a high-tech platform with a bunch of tricks up it’s sleeve.




TIE Bomber

The upcoming Imperial Veterans set even tackles the ignored TIE Bomber with the combination of  Long-Range Scanners and the TIE Shuttle title card.






How to Fix the T-65?

Which brings us back to the original question.  It is clear that FFG has tackled things in a variety of ways, from lowering cost (A-Wing), to handing out free upgrade cards (TIE Advanced), to adding unique abilities (Y-Wing), so almost anything is on the table.

Initial thoughts on the T-65 include:

  • Lowered cost (2-3 points)
  • Enhanced speed option (a Title card, that added Boost, or SLAM for example)
  • A set of new Astromechs to give them new options
  • An T-65 version of the A-Wing’s Test Pilot card to allow pilot upgrade cards – representing the experience level of the entire Rebel T-65 pilot corps.


In any case, I think the T-65 needs just a nudge of perhaps a couple points to bring it back into the game in a big way.  I’m always one for giving each ship something special, so I would probably swing towards the options for extra speed or the T-65 Test Pilot card to give players more options for combos and new styles of play.  FFG loves to put out mirrored releases (Imperial AcesRebel Aces)  for the various factions. That tells me that with the Imperial Veterans set just announced, there is probably a Rebel Veterans set just around the corner.  And that gives me high hopes for the T-65’s future!


~The T-65 is the backbone the entire game was built upon.  It deserves it’s day in the sun!



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