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GW 40th Birthday Party – News Tidalwave!

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Jan 4 2016


The holidays are over and a METRIC TON of news came out of GW-HQ  this weekend! Catch up with all the new GW, Forge World and Specialist Games news & minis!

Let’s take it form the top gamers.  Grab that cup of coffee and let’s GO!

Warlord Titan Powerclaw Vulcan

New Warlord Titan Weapons and Accessories

What better way to dress up your Warlord for the 2016 fashion season than with some fetching new accessories!

Corax WWeekend

Corvus Corax & Raven Guard Minis

 The master of the XIXth Legion is coming next month, and he’s bring some of his awesome looking Legionaries with him!

Ordinaus weapon

NEW Ordinatus & Horus Heresy Book 6 Details

The Mechanicus has been very busy, and Forge World’s next Horus book promises to be AWESOME!

Blood Bowl Human 1


What on earth are waiting for – click that link.  Folks have been waiting for this for 20 years!

Mastodon Front

Astartes Legion Mastadon Completed

If you love Damnation Alley and OGRE, you’ll need to own one of these…


 Specialist Games, Forgeworld & GW News

Check out this MONSTER news report from the weekend – with tons of tidbits on your favorite returning games!


The Next Two Primarchs are…

Last but not least we get word on the future of the Horus Heresy series and minis from Forgeworld
And all of that before the word on the new Duardin Fyreslayers arrived.  WHEW! Checkout the rest of the new pictures and all the exciting coverage out of Warhammer World from this weekend below!

Games Workshop’s 40th Birthday Celebration


We’re just starting in onthe new year and it’s already sounding fantastic!


  • Horus Heresy: Book 6, Prospero & Next Primarchs!