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AoS: Beastclaw Raiders Battletome Info

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Jul 27 2016

Ogre Ogor

The Beastclaw Raiders are next up in the new style of Battletome – new warscrolls, battalions, battleplans & MORE!

We’ve seen pictures of the new Battletome and the new re-boxes as well. Now let’s see what else the new Ogor’s are getting added to their considerable tool-belt.

via Scanner

Beastclaw Raiders Battletome 2

Beastclaw Raiders Battletome 3

Beastclaw Raiders Battletome 4

Beastclaw Raiders Battletome 5

Beastclaw Raiders Battletome 6 text


Beastclaw Raiders Battletome 7 Pricing

The Beastclaw Battletome will include:

  • 10 Warscrolls
  • 8 Warscroll Battalions
  • 3 Battleplans (scenarios)
  • Allegiance Abilities
    • Artefacts of Power
    • Command Traits
  • “The Everwinter’s Blessing”
  • Hobby Guides
  • New Background Info
  • New Art

This new Battletome format from Games Workshop really does add more to each faction/sub-faction than just what was included in the Grand Alliance books. It does help to justify that $33 price point

I’m also fairly curious to find out what the heck these guys have been up to since the End Times. Hopefully this book’s new lore will shed some light on what happened to the Ogre Kingdoms and why they are being followed by arcane Everwinter…

You can still get all the Warscrolls for free via the App or their web page so this isn’t a “must buy” for every player – but if you want to start a new Beastclaw Raider Army, you’re definitely going to want to pick this up. As we saw with the Slyvaneth & Bonesplitterz books, those extra Allegiance Abilities plus all the painting info is really hand to have!


They like the cold. Helps keep the meat fresher for longer…


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