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Khorne’s HOT New Shower – of Death!

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Jul 10 2016


Behold the “Hot” new terrain release for the Ruinous Powers. The Chaos Dreadhold Crucible is here – terrain that fights back!

The sicions of Darkness will have their due, and this week they got something new to battle the forces of order with. Behold the Chaos Dreadhold crucible that can shower the battlefield with fiery liquid magma death.



A new top the for the base of the Skull Keep is here, and this thing rocks!

Once again this terrain isn’t the normal multipart plastic material that we’re used to, it’s the lesser quality Chinese plastic that doesn’t hold quite as much detail.

The kit itself does appear to go together with no major difficulty or unwieldy gaps however, which will sit well with hobbyists the world over I am sure.




Be sure to take a closer look at the new terrain terror below in our first look video review.

Overall Rating: 3 out of 5 Crazed Berzerkers

Chaos Dreadhold: Crucible $100


The forces of Chaos are known as fearsome conquerors, maddened champions of fear and fury who slaughter remorselessly and without mercy, with no regard for morals or respect for the fallen. Even the weapons of their bested foes are scavenged, and put to dread purpose – feeding the Crucible, a terrifying reminder of the Blood God’s dominion. A vast cauldron atop the towers of the Chaos Dreadhold, the Crucible melts down the weapons and artefacts of the fallen with the rage of Khorne, using the resulting magical energies to loose powerful bolts upon the battlefield.

This multi-part plastic kit contains all the components necessary to build a Crucible, fiery basin of the Chaos Dreadhold. Designed to fit in with the rest of the Chaos Dreadhold scenery pieces, this kit can be added to a massive fortress or used on its own as a centrepiece for exciting battles in the Age of Sigmar. Full rules are included: the Crucible doesn’t just look cool, it can be used as a weapon, but beware the potential backlash from the daemonic spirits within…



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