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SW Armada News: Corellian Conflict Expansion

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Jul 22 2016


A new expansion is coming to Star Wars Armada, shown off over the last week at two major conventions.

 This last weekend at Star Wars Celebration Europe some very interesting news was dropped. While most of it dealt with Rebels, Rogue One and the rest of the new movies, one very intriguing piece unveiled a new expansion coming for Armada. Called the Corellian Conflict the expansion is supposed to be released later this year and is sure to shake up the game. So far however FFG has not put out an official article about it and we have only one photo from the Star Wars event to go by.

2_zpsub04kmzn (1)

Behold its glory!

What is the Corellian Conflict?

Though there is pretty much no official information out a number of attendees from Celebration have posted what they heard up over at the FFG Forums.  The gist of it is that the expansion features a 2-6 player “co-operative campaign.” In this case it seems to mean that the campaign is fought out between a Rebel and Imperial team each with 1-3 players.

Forum user Swusn posted further info saying:

  • A recent piece of SW artwork which people may have seen (a new female fighter pilot on an imperial hangar bay if I remember correctly) is linked to this

  • 2-6 players (1-3 for each side)

  • Each player will put together a fleet (a 2 player campaign would require multiple fleets on each side)

  • Sounded like a decently-long campaign (talked about months, I’m assuming on the basis of a weekly game)

  • Most campaigns end in a big climactic battle (example of a 2000pt battle above was his example from a recent one, but I got the sense not all would require that much)

  • New objectives for those who play competitively

  • Coming late this year


Other rumors state the we will get new unique squadrons to field as well as possibly new titles for existing ships. We are also said to see this arrival of Ciena Ree as a fieldable card.

Ciena_Ree (1)


Imperial hair regulations are much looser than I would have thought

For those who don’t know Ree is an Imperial officer who starred in the recent book Lost Stars by Claudia Gray. She has become a bit of a fan favorite and her coming to Armada would be a great move, which might signal the arrival of more characters from the new books.

Judging from the picture it seems that in addition to some card featuring Ree we will also get a nice game board, tons of tokens (of course), some new obstacles and more squadron and possible ships cards, all in all a great pack of stuff.


Corellia has long been a centre of trade  


A new picture doing the rounds claims to be the back of the box taken at San Diego Comic Con.


Its… beautiful 

Looks like this confirms 12 new objectives and a whopping 16 new squadron cards. The new objectives promise to double the current number of missions and judging by the green colored one I can see will also introduce a new objective type into the game. Does this mean every player will have to own this set to make a list for competitive play or is the green mission only for the Campaign? In addition Station cards sounds interesting, but it doesn’t look like any new titles or other upgrades which is a little sad.


What Does This Mean for the Game?

Personally I couldn’t be more excited by this move on FFG’s part.  For one, campaigns are a great way to add scale and scope to your casual play. The idea of having massive 2000+ point battles really seems to put the Armada in Star Wars Armada. I’m sure a robust game system can add hours and hours of great play time.

However the Corellian Conflict promises much more than just that. The addition of new squadrons cards, and most importantly new missions and objectives that will be allowed in competitive play is huge. This is one of the greatest ways FFG can open up the game more without having to wait on the release of new models, it’s a move I’ve been hoping for since day one. The combination of a new way to play the game and new options for competitive play will no doubt make the expansion attractive to most players. While we still don’t know much, what we do know has me very very excited for the games future.


That’s all for today folks! What aspect of the new expansion has you most excited and what else do you hope it includes? Let us now down in the comments. 

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