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Privateer: New Warmachine Minis Hit Retail

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Aug 14 2016


Take a look at the latest Warmachine/Hordes minis to hit the store shelves!


Arcane Tempest Rifleman $12.99

Cygnar, 1 Model, Metal

These highly skilled marksmen serve as an expansion of the armed might of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest. Armed with steely nerve, long-ranged magelock rifles, and witheringly effective combat magic, arcane tempest riflemen operate autonomously to neutralize enemy officers or to help bring down hard targets. Training alongside CRS scouts affords them greater awareness when navigating battlefields, able to identify enemy forces attempting to move unseen



Black 13th Strike Force $21.99

Cygnar, 3 Models, Metal

The Black 13th is the elite strike force of the Militant Order of the Arcane Tempest and a weapon of war sharpened to a razor’s edge by relentless service to the crown. Intense fighting has cut the unit’s complement to three: Captain Dixon Lynch, Sergeant Samuel Watts, and Lieutenant Darsey Ryan. When these three fight together, each effortlessly watches the blind spots of the others while combining their fire to tear apart any opposition. For the Black 13th there can never be capture or surrender, only victory or death.




Carrion Thralls $44.99

Cryx, 10 Models, Metal

Each carrion thrall is a unique and nightmarish fusion drawn from the minds of Cryx’s mad necrotechs. Cobbled together from the bodies of Cryxian birds and battlefield scrap, flocks of carrion thralls blacken battlefields to pick apart the bodies of the dead and any wounded who have been left behind.



Ghetorix $54.99

Circle, 1 Model, Resin

A proud Tharn king transformed into one of the fiercest warpwolves the Circle has ever known, Ghetorix has a legendary appetite for violence. With savage brutality his axe and teeth bite into flesh and bone as he feeds on the meat of his victims. Spines erupt from his hardened skeleton, protecting him even as they punish his assailants.




Hellmouth $34.99

Legion, 4 Models, Resin

Few of the dragon Everblight’s creations invoke as much fear as the blighted nightmare that is the hellmouth. Erupting from beneath the ground to unleash terror and consume flesh, this horrific subterrestrial beast uses its spiked tentacles to drag its hapless victims into its waiting maw.

These are on store shelves NOW.

~Which one’s your favorite?

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