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New Sisters, Custodes & Magnus OH MY!

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Nov 7 2016


There was a tidal wave of tabletop news and minis shown off by GWHQ this weekend.  Take a look:


40K: Upcoming Custodes, Sisters & More from GWHQ

Reports are coming in from Nottingham on the future of the Custodes, Sisters of Silence and Inferno!


40K RUMORS: December Releases

There’s a new set of rumors doing the rounds on what is headed your way this holiday season:

magnus-sprue-0140K: Magnus Sprues Spotted

The Daemon Primarch kit is at Warhammer World – Check out the full sprues of Magnus the Red!

matt mercer t-shirtGM Tips with Matt Mercer – Roleplaying

Voice actor and DM for Critical Role, Matt Mercer, shares tips to help Dungeon Masters take their games to the next level…

custodes-grav-tank-version-2FW Open Days: New Custodes Grav-Tanks

The Guardians of the Golden Throne are getting some Grav-Tank Love – check out the latest from Warhammer World!

leman-russ-freki-and-geriFW Open Days: Freki and Geri Arrive

Leman Russ and his two Fenrisian Wolves are making an appearance at Warhammer World Open Days!

magnus-the-red-thousand-sons-horzFW Open Days: Behold Magnus

The Daemon Primarch is at Warhammer World Open Days – Check out the full Glory of Magnus the Red!


custodes-caladius-instructions-2FW Open Days: Caladius Grav-Tank Unboxing

Wonder what the Caladius Grav-Tank looks like before it’s built? Take a look inside…

custodes-contemptor-horzFW Open Days: Custodes Contemptor Dreadnought

Forge World pulls the covers off the Custodes Contemptor Dreadnought – Check this guy out!

OK, onto the week!

  • 40K RUMORS: December Releases