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Thousand Sons, Magnus & More!

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Nov 28 2016
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They’re HERE! Put down the turkey and get all the rules, minis, products and tabletop madness that broke Thanksgiving weekend.


Wrath of Magnus: Thousand Sons Special Rules

BoLS will be bringing you Wrath of Magnus coverage all week. Today we look at the benefits of fielding a dedicated Thousand Sons force.

karax-officerSkorne & Pigs: New Warmachine Minis Nov 27th

Privateer Press just pulled the covers off three new units headed to a tabletop near you soon.

thousand-sons-occult-horzWrath of Magnus: Arsenal of the Rubrics

BoLS will be bringing you Wrath of Magnus coverage all week. Let’s start our exploration with the Thousand Son’s new weapons.

thousandsonsrangeeng_slot3GW: New Releases November 26th “Pricing & Links”

Magnus is out and has returned with the power of his sons behind him – Here come the Thousand Sons!

kingdom monster 1.5KD: Monster KS at $4 Million in Under 48 Hours

Monster is back – and it’s breaking its own crowd funding records.

tarrasque attack dungeons dragonsD&D: Monster Spotlight – The Tarrasque

Tired of turkey? Stuffed with stuffing? Call upon the most voracious monster in RPG history to get rid of those turkey sammiches.

Tzeentch-horz40K: New Tzeentch Daemons Inbound

GW is bringing a new Tzeentch daemon to the grimdark this weekend. Take a look:


~You’re all caught up – now enjoy Wrath of Magnus Week on BoLS!

Author: Larry Vela
  • Wrath of Magnus: Arsenal of the Rubrics

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