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Gangs & Campaigns of Commorragh

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Jan 24 2017



BoLS will be covering Gangs of Commorragh all week. Let’s talk about how campaigns work.



We’ve already gotten a rundown of the pre-game set up and a sample turn  and taken a look inside the box.  Now let’s tear into the rules and see exactly how to grow your gang and rule Commorragh.



So you want to start a gang?


All players start with 750 pts to build your initial starting gang.  You will use this to buy your gang members (at a variety of skill levels), their rides (jetbikes or skyboards), and any upgrades like weapons.  Expect to pay from 75pts for a Hellion newb to 210 for a total badass on a Reaver jetbike.  So you have a lot of point range to experiment with different types of gangs.


Pre Game 

Before each game you will break up your gang into multiple “murder-packs” (a group of 3-10 models). The more packs you divide your gang up into, the more money you will generate each game, but the smaller your force will be when you play – making victory more challenging. Once divided, you RANDOMLY  select one of the murder-packs to play the mission while the others go extort, rob and kill in other parts of the Dark city, each earning you free money. See how that splitting into more murder-packs pays off for you?

Next you roll off this d6 table for your type of battle.


For added spice BOTH players roll 2d6 on the sub-plot table and BOTH sub-plots are used in the game. We’ve included a portion of the sub-plot chart to give you a taste of what’s in there.



Then You Fight!


Someone’s going to lose and someone’s going to win. With that out of the way, you proceed to…



Ok, there’s a lot going on here. You roll to see is casualties are ok, injured and sit out a game, or DEAD. Both players pick an MVP on their AND the enemy team. Each of these picks gains 1 XP and will go up in skills and rank every so often. Money time!

Remember each of your muder-packs you split your gan into in the pregame phase? Each of those earns $100 doing nefarious odd jobs and then you get bonuses for winning and any special scenario-chart bonuses.  Like all pro atheletes you first have to pay each gang member based on their skill level so they stick around, then blow the extra cash on new gang members, training your dudes to increase their skills or buying upgrades to their rides.  We’ve shown some samples from the deals chart to give you a taste of that.

Then it’s off to your next fight high in the spires of the Dark City. Good luck!



Gangs of Commorragh $60

Death among the spires

The skies of Commorragh are equally as perilous as its bone-paved streets. The air above the shrouded spires thrums and darkens with roving murder-packs of Hellions and Reavers, engaging each other in vicious territorial battles. Anti-grav skyboards and savagely fast jetbikes vy for supremacy – when a gang is broken, or completely destroyed, their opponents dance with sickening glee above the sanity-warping metropolis the Dark Eldar call their home.

Gangs of Commorragh is a tabletop game in which two players control murder-packs of Dark Eldar Reavers and Hellions against each other in bitter combat. It combines strategy, tactics and all-out violence to create a deep and tense gaming experience.

Inside the box, Gangs of Commorragh contains 6 Dark Eldar Reavers and 10 Dark Eldar Hellions, along with dice, a 24-page rulebook, 2 quick reference cards, counters and 6 easy to assemble pieces of card scenery, representing the towering spires of this dark city.

The rulebook contains rules for different types of gameplay, including basic skirmishes in the sky between smaller packs of Dark Eldar as well as massive pitched battles in which every miniature fights as part of 2 massive murder-packs.

As well as this, there is a detailed Campaign, in which murder-packs grow and advance, earning new members and upgrades with each victory. Use the included condition tables to add complexity and interesting events.


~There can be only ONE!


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