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PP: Retribution Helios Unboxing

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Jan 20 2017


The New Helios/Hyperion plastic kit is here – come take a look in the box!

Retribution is here with a shiny new iPod Colossal kit! The Helios/Hyperion is ready to smite the foes of the Shyeel:

This is one sweet kit! I’m not a Ret player and I gotta say I’m a little jealous. First off, this kit is entirely in plastic and it’s huge. The plastic makes it much easier to work with and lighter as well. On top of that, the plastic also takes to the curves spectacularly for a smooth look. It’s also mostly hollow which means you could have a lot of fun adding lights if you’re one of those hobby maniacs! I really want to see what the community can do with this kit.

The Helios/Hyperion kit is a dual kit as well. You’ll only be able to create one of these Colossals based on the set of sprues in the box. However, if you’re creative enough, you might be able to do some magic with magnets and set it up as an interchangeable kit. I’m not the best at magnetizing my miniatures so don’t take my word for that!

In the video I run through the basics of the cards, so if you’re looking for a rules overview it’s there – however, if you’re looking for a detailed analysis, I’ll leave that to Revenant when he breaks it down. But it’s a big Colossal from Ret and has those cheaty* shields and Shyeel magic. But overall, it’s still a cool kit. So go check it out!

Helios / Hyperion $109.99


The Hyperion towers over the vanguard as one of the most formidable weapons in the Retribution’s arsenal, armed with an incomprehensibly powerful starburst weapon capable of annihilating anything in its blast. The Helios, housing the largest field generator in any myrmidon, has the power to reshape battlefields; the monumental forces it wields push and pull opponents wherever it chooses. Originally kept within Ios’ borders to defend the nation and especially House Shyeel, these machines have recently been added to the Retribution’s righteous cause.



*Shields aren’t actually cheaty – I’m just biased vs Ret.

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