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Privateer: No Quarter’s Grind Preview

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Jan 8 2017


No Quarter is going to include games from now on. Take a peek at the all new Grind, coming next issue.

via Privateer:

The January issue of No Quarter isn’t too far away, which means the launch of No Quarter Games is almost here! If you haven’t heard, every issue of No Quarter from January on will include the complete rules for a new game that will often feature WARMACHINE & HORDES miniatures.

Some of these games, like the January release of Grind Mk III, are rules supplements to WARMACHINE & HORDES that utilize the core game mechanics of everyone’s favorite tabletop wargame. Other games, like the March release of Extreme Colossal Wrestling, are totally new games that share absolutely no mechanics with WARMACHINE & HORDES.

With Grind coming up in just a few weeks, I wanted to give you a sneak preview of one of the key features in the newest edition: the ability to have “cross-Faction” teams. Basically, when you build your Grind team, you choose to either build a warjack team or a warbeast team. Then, you take your starting resource of 75,000 crowns and purchase models to fill out your team roster from either the warjack manufacturers or the warbeast manufacturers (depending on which type of team you want).

You can build your team using any mix of models from these manufacturers, so if you want to have a warjack team with an Ironclad, a Slayer, and a Juggernaut…go nuts. The maximum (and recommended) number of models you want in the Grind arena at any given time is six, but extra models stay on your bench during gameplay. If one of your starting models is injured during the game, you can always substitute in another benched model later on, giving a benefit to those players who decide to have a deeper roster instead of just loading up on the six most expensive options.

So, without further ado, check out the list of warjack and warbeast manufacturers you’ll find in Grind. I hope you find this info useful to start planning your own Grind team for the big release in just a few weeks!



What are your thoughts on the changes Privateer is making to No Quarter?

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