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Star Wars RPG: A Bounty Hunter’s Best Friend

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Jan 21 2017


Bounty Hunters – your day in the spot light is coming. No Disintegrations is heading your way!

We’ve covered the initial announcement and even gotten a chance to take a look at a preview. Now Fantasy Flight Games is back with another peek inside the covers of No Disintegrations the Bounty Hunter source book for the Star Wars RPG! This time, it’s all about the tools of the trade…


The Right Tool For The Right Job

Bounty Hunting is dangerous work and sometimes you have to bring some pesky mark back alive. That’s where these new weapons will come in handy. For example the Precision-X is know for it’s long range – and a very handy stun setting. I hear that headshots with this one leave the target with an unbelievable headache… Or the “Subduer-9” riot blaster, perfect for turning the volume to “stun” on a loud crowd!

But don’t think that all the toys in this tool box are for the faint of heart. Oh no, we got micro-rockets for when the target needs to uh…be “subdued” in a more violent manner. These new micro-rockets can come with different type warheads as well: Ion, Incendiary, or Explosive. You’re basically the Bat-Man of Rocket town!

Looking for a bit more self-defense when dealing with a tough target? Well naturally this book also covers the much coveted battle armor of the Mandalorians. Just watch out for blows to the head from Light Sabers…

jango fett“Sorry kid, the warranty doesn’t cover that one…”

Claim Your Reward

Bounty Hunting isn’t all about using awesome weapons and hunting down low-life scum. It’s all about getting PAID to use awesome weapons hunting down low-life scum! No Disintegrations offers GM’s and Players a way to get rewards fitting of their prize, beyond credits and material goods. It also has new ways to increase your fame – or infamy. These new “Exploit Rewards” can provide bonuses on future jobs too.



Another great feature of this book is the extra rules included to help build your role-playing experience. No Disintegrations features a framework that a GM can use to help build a story that makes it about the player choice. What types of targets are you going after? How do you hunt your mark? Are you a guild member or freelancer? GMs can help use those decision (with the info in this book) to create some really great plot hooks and world building around those choices to lead to some exciting story moments.

One of the big helps for the GM is also the “wealth of guidelines, tables and examples” for investigations – a key component of being a successful Bounty Hunter. Not every target is going to wander into the local cantina and pick a fight with you, even if they are wanted in 12 systems! No, Bounty Hunting is going to take some leg work and this book has lots of info on how to do that in a fun and engaging manner.

Play Both Sides

This book also has some extra info on how to straddle that line between the Empire and the Rebellion. After-all, the Rebels are hiring and are in need of a few (okay, lots) of good people with your skill set. Then again, the Empire has a lot more credits to throw your way…It’s a tough call, but hey – it’s just business.

If you want to learn even more about this new book then check out FFG’s full article right HERE.

No Disintegrations $29.95


As a pragmatic, shrewd, and dangerous Bounty Hunter, you have a unofficial, galaxy-wide license to hunt and even, if you like, kill. The quarry and the reward is up to your contractor, but all the rest, from how you catch that quarry to what you do with it, is up to you. There aren’t that many rules that you adhere to, but there are many sentients throughout the galaxy that fear you.


No Disintegrations, a sourcebook for the Star Wars®: Edge of the Empire™ roleplaying game gives you the tools and talents necessary to succeed as a Bounty Hunter, as well as the adventure material that Game Masters need to make that hunt thrilling, suspenseful, and a good challenge. Within its ninety-six full color pages you’ll find new species, three Bounty Hunter specializations and two Signature Abilities, plenty of iconic vehicles, sophisticated gear, and much more.


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