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40K RUMORS: Mortarion & Cypher Kills WHO!?

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Feb 23 2017

There’s a set of rumors swirling around on what’s coming in the lead up to 40K 8th edition.

So before we begin, some salt on these.

Faeit’s little bird says:

“Guilliman arriving at Terra and losing it with the Custodes for standing around guarding the emperor while the rest of the galaxy burns is how I was told (by the guy who said guilliman was coming) it would happen, and that that’show we’d get Custodes back into the game.

Also can confirm Mortarion, although nothing about him leading Chaos. Also nothing about any Chaos Primarch dying, FWIW

…Interesting tid-bit, second hand (extra salt) – Cypher may actually be on Terra to kill the Emperor and usher in a new “Age of Emperor” 8th. ”




You will recall the previous rumors said that Cypher was on Terra to kill Abaddon, but now the story changes to the Emperor. While I can see GW setting up an ambiguous Abaddon death of some soft, the Despoiler is just too important and critical of a villain to kick the bucket permanently.  If it were me running GW, I’d use a Cypher inflicted bullet to the head to set up the return of Daemon-Prince Abaddon later on with a new giant model.  Now killing the Emperor is a whole different ball of wax, and one I wholeheartedly support – if GW has the courage to do it.

As for the Chaos Primarchs, we’ve seen hints of Fulgrim in Fracturing of Biel-Tan and those teensy pics of what might be a Mortarion model.  I would not in any way surprised if 2016 brings us 2 loyalist and 2 daemon primarchs to set up new teams of enemies for 40k 8th edition.

~ Do you think GW would have the guts to really kill off the Emperor?


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