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40K: The Hidden Crone Blades

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Feb 9 2017


Three of the five Crone Blades have resurfaced with the new Aeldari – so where are the other two?

The Crone Blades are powerful ancient Eldar artifacts that were believed to have been lost or hidden on Crone Worlds. However, with the birth of Ynnead, 3 of the blades have returned. We know there are currently 5 of them around thanks to Games Workshop’s latest videos. The Visarch and Yvraine each have one and so does the Avatar Ynvarne.

Visarch splashThe Visarch wields Asu-Var,The Sword of Silent Screams

Yvraine SplashYvraine wields Kha-Vir, The Sword of Sorrows

Yncarne SplashAnd Yncarne wields Vilith-Zhar, The Sword of Souls

What we do know is that Yraine granted The Visarch his blade when he “ascended to her side.”  Yvraine’s sword is capable of draining the very soul from it’s victims. And the Yncarne’s Blade might actually be the legendary Deathsword that was created during the fall of the Eldar. It was taken from the “desecrated soil of Belial IV” – which is also the last known location of the fabled Deathsword.

So this got us here at BoLS speculating where the other 2 swords are located….

Get your Tinfoil hats ready. This next part is PURE speculation:



Dawnblade6The Dawn Blade

We have a pretty good feeling that Commander Farsight‘s Dawn Blade is probably one of them. Why? Well it was found in a “mysterious temple” on Arthas Moloch, it flickers with an unknown energy (aka souls), was used to fight of what were most likely Chaos Daemons, and it adds a slain foe’s remaining lifespan to it’s owner.


All of the other Crone Blades have had the ability to add “soul power” to their owners as well – this also explains why The Ynnead Triumvirate can all regenerate wounds when things die around them.

What if the Dawn Blade is an ancient Eldar Crone blade that was left behind or lost to time during the early days of the Tau Empire. It is rumored that the Eldar are responsible for the creation of the Ethereals afterall…

So that brings us to the 5th and final Crone Blade. There are so many Daemon Weapons that fit the bill, it’s almost impossible to speculate which one it could be. Perhaps it’s the original Anathame blade that was broken into 8 shards to become the Athame blades. But I, personally, have another suspect.


cypher-horzThe Lion Sword?

The Lion Sword is rumored to be carried by Cypher. It is said to have been crafted on Terra by the Emperor’s own armorers. Now, the Original Lion Sword was broken and reforged and rumors have surrounded the blade carried by Cypher for over 10,000 years. There was even a rumor that the “real” Lion Sword was within a temple on an Exodite World. That turned out to be the Sword of Luther.

However, the sword Cypher is carrying may not be the Lion Sword after all. Cypher has never been seen wielding the blade in battle. Maybe this is because it’s broken again, maybe this is because it’s too large for him to use. Or perhaps there is something else going on.

The Deathblade, the one wielded by the Avatar of Ynnead, is believed to be tainted:

“In truth, the sword actually fed on the soul of its victims and its wielder drunk on their tainted life essence. As such, the Eldar viewed it with revulsion and that any wielder had lost their purity by making use of it.”

What if Cypher knows that if he uses this blade, he will be tainted by whatever powers it holds. The Deathsword was found on Belial IV, after-all. Hey – what’s the name of the Grand Master of the Deathwing? Oh that’s right, it’s Belial. I’m sure this is all just a coincidence. It’s a very common name and I’m sure the Dark Angel’s and the Eldar haven’t been keeping this connection secret for 10,000 years. It’s not like either one of those factions are known for their secrecy…


Three Crone Blades have been found so far. Where (or what) do you think the other 2 blades are?


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