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AoS: The “Base” Problem Grows

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Mar 20 2017

Age of Sigmar has a very “base” problem and the Kharadron Overlords are only going to make it worse.

When the new Kharadron Overlords models were finally spotted I was super excited – but I was also a little worried. First off, my wallet immediately started crying because it knew that it would probably be in for a beating…but the real reason I was worried was because, while those models are downright amazing looking, they highlight an issue with the Age of Sigmar Rules: Measuring Model-to-Model.

So where do I measure to, exactly? And does that mean I have to put my model on your base to reach?

As most nay-sayers are happy to point out, the Age of Sigmar rules clearly use a model-to-model measuring system. For the most part that doesn’t really impact the game that much. It was also designed that way so folks wouldn’t need to rebase their armies right away and could still play games of AoS using their old armies. But it’s been just under two years – is it time to “update” the rules to account for this “base” problem?

The Kharadron Overlords are the newest ones that highlight this problem but they are far from the only ones:

Pretty sure that Bloodreaver is technically out of range of Archaon, which seems silly to me…


Are we counting the tail that is inches off the base as part of the model? So the Runefather is technically in range?

These models are hovering off their bases – so I guess we’re measuring from the spindly doo-dads?


While these are a bit hyperbolic, the point is clear – big models (as awesome as they are) can cause problems when it comes to measuring. Personally, as long as the players agree to keep it consistent then let them play!


Now, any reasonable person already knows the work-around for this: measuring base-to-base. In fact that’s pretty much how everyone already plays as far as I can tell. Heck, even at the upcoming South Coast GT Heelenhammer the “official” way to measure is based off a house rule:

There are actually two rules they use – one for base-to-base measuring and another for volume when measuring vertically. This easily solves the problem and it’s a great fix. So when will Games Workshop acknowledge this is a bit of an issue with an easy fix? That’s the question!

Now, I mentioned the South Coast GT specifically because Games Workshop is working with them to basically test out some of the rules changes coming with the General’s Handbook 2.0. You might remember this article about the points change teaser from Games Workshop. Well maybe it’s more than just points GW is testing out at the GT…

There is a catch: This is basically the same measuring system solution that Privateer Press uses for Warmachine & Hordes – a rules system that is considered to be a very tight and well designed system. Is it okay to borrow this idea from the competition? You can’t copyright rules… So it’s fine from a legal standpoint. And how would the players that still use models on square bases feel about the change? Would this alienate their player base? Well, I mean, more then they already did…

No matter how you feel about this “base” problem it is a thing that can be easily settled by Games Work. It’s a two sentence addition and a rules errata away from happening already.


So how would you solve the base problem for Age of Sigmar?


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