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SW Armada: The Five Best Rebel Aces

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Mar 10 2017


The Rebel roster if full of famous ace pilots. Today we look at the best of the best.

Traditionally in Star Wars lore Rebel fighters rule the space battles. From Yavin, to Endor, to the skies above Scairf a host of famous rebels pilots have made names for themselves. While in Armada the fighter game is a little more balanced, Rebel aces still play a powerful role. Today we take a look at the top five Rebel aces in the game right now. Now this was by no means at easy list to come up with. Most of the Rebel aces are pretty good, and together they can form a powerful force. Choices however had to be made, so I looked for aces that did things no one else could, more than anything. Lets dig in.

5. Ten Numb

He is actually just a shaved Ewok

Ten Numb has the best, and only, area of effect attack in Armada. This is a really cool and unique effect that makes him a very potent anti-squadron unit. Add to that his solid ability as a bomber and general toughness and hes a very solid choice. Based on ablity alone he would be higher on the list. His low speed and the fact that the ability is a bit hard to trigger keep him at the bottom. He does have a lot of potential for combos however. Put him near Yavaris and Toryn Farr and he can put some really hurt on a fighter swarm.

4. Biggs Darklighter

The mustache alone is worth 19 points


Biggs is the ultimate team player, allowing you to pass around damage like blue milk at a Lars’ family breakfast. He starts off with the solid stats of an X-wing, making him good at all roles, and adds a pair of braces for surviablity. Overall Biggs’ ability is one of the more unique ones. Used properly it can significantly increase the longevity of your ships.  While he pairs naturally with X-Wings, YT-1300 also work well with him. Match him up with Luke and Wedge for some thematic bracing/damage sharing goodness. You can also throw him in a fleet with freaking Rieekan and pass your damage off to a dead target. A solid base and some of the best combo shenanigans in the game make Biggs one of the best.

3. Ketsu Onyo

They probably came up with the name after listening to a guy trying to ask for ketchup and onions on his burger


Rogue. Bomber. Scatter. Alone these three abilities would Ketsu a solid choice. Based on stats alone, shes a great mid ranged ship, fast and able to deal out attacks, but a little lacking in toughness and anti-squadron. Her ability however is great, and one the few that really lets you screw with an enemy’s plans. Ever since wave II we’ve been deluged with a number of ways to get fighter out of engagement, making it increasingly hard to lock down enemy formations. Ketsu gets around this by not only engaging the enemy, but even if they can avoid that, slowing them down. Keeping your enemy out of position is key to winning, and Ketsu is one of the few things in that game that really lets you do that. Fly her into a pack of enemies and watch them struggle to keep up as your squadrons run rampant. With luck scatter will keep her alive for while. Overall a very solid choice to harass your foes.

2. Norra Wexley

Y wouldn’t you take her? 

Another great Ace that buffs your whole force, Wexley does the venerable Y-wing she pilots proud. While her stats are in generally just OK, her ability is potentially one of the best in the game.  Norra helps to significantly increase your bombers damage output versus shields, adding a possible extra damage to every attack.  While only she isnt much to talk about, with a properly built bomber force and supper, she can really help you put the hurt on your enemies, stripping their shields in record time.  Add to that the fact that she is fairly cheap and you’ve got a top ace right there, one to build a list around.


1. Hera Syndulla

Hate the Empire and Hercules with equal passion

At the top of our list sits the deadly Hera Sundulla, star of Rebels. Her ship the Ghost is deadly on its own, with one of the better anti-squadron attacks in the game, and a solid anti-ship attack, though it lacks bomber.  Add to that 8 hull and a brace and it can take a hit or two. While Hera is herself a Rogue, another plus, it’s her ability to make two other ships rogue each turn that put her at the top of the list. Rogue is hands down the best squadron ability in the game. Allowing your force the flexibility to give it to two non-rogues, especially aces, is just amazing. Hera can in effect lead a small force of squadrons as an independent command, and opens up a whole new realm of tactical possibilities for the rebels.

Looks like someone is trying to get on this list

Final Thoughts

So there you have my top five Rebel aces. While a number of other aces are great, most them fall into the categories of “better than the normal version” or “super killy.”  These five really stand out to be as pilots that allow new tactics or that you can build lists around. For those reasons, and with no slight to other aces, they are the best.

That’s it for this week Armada Fans. Let us know down in the comments who you think the best Rebel Aces are. 


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