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Warpath: Veer-Myn & Asterians 101

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Mar 21 2017

Learn everything you need to get started on the tabletop with the devious Veer-myn & enigmatic Asterians.

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The Veer-Myn approach war in an alien manner. From dousing the foe with chemical weapons and grenades, to burrowing into their minds with dangerous telepathic mutants, they live to sow fear and destruction among sentient races. Although individually weak and cowardly, the Veer-Myn are deadly in numbers and when led by their nest’s Brood Mother, they become all but unstoppable. They’re cruel, intelligent and most importantly, they’re everywhere.

On the tabletop, the Veer-Myn force is an odd one. Rather than fielding large units of basic infantry as you might expect, the Veer-Myn instead use many small units. Individually each one is weak but their true strength is in numbers and coordination. By using the Veer-Myn specific orders and potent commanders like the Brood Mother and the Tangle, you can overwhelm the enemy with more targets than they could ever bring down. These are backed up by mutants such as Nightmares or Night terrors, who act as hard hitters for the swarm, and tunnelling vehicles that can arrive right beneath your enemy’s feet.


With rising threats like humanity, the Plague and the Veer-Myn, the Clades are more pressed then ever to maintain peace. Robotic Cyphers and Marionettes are appearing more and more across the borders of the Asterian Star Empire. Escalating conflicts require the deployment of the Clade’s most powerful weapons such as the Chroma Force Platform and Spectra Gunship. As a race of pacifists, the Asterians will now have to fight more than ever to achieve the peace they desire.

Asterians are the most Elite Force in Warpath. Their units are expensive and very powerful, albeit at a cost to their defence. This fragility can be compensated for with shields and teleportation, but ultimately the key to success with the Cypher Clades is planning ahead. Every unit must strike with precision and avoid retaliation. Cover your hard-hitting Cyphers with the cheaper Marionettes and make good use of your drones where you can’t afford to risk other units.


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