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Privateer Press: Painting Special Effects

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Apr 09

Privateer Press is here to help you paint up some special effects for your models…

Add some spark to your Cygnar, and a little joie-de-vivre to your Cryx–okay maybe that’s the opposite of what you want to add. But you may as well crush your enemies in style using some of these handy tricks. Below you’ll find the Formula P3 Guide to painting glow effects, which will help your models pop on the table.

via Privateer Press

Join Privateer Press Studio Painter Brendan Roy as he goes over all the supplies you need to take your new WARMACHINE or HORDES models from packaged to painted!

Details like this really bring the world to life. Now you’re not just tabling your opponent on turn 2, you’re also evoking the world these minis come from. Whether it’s the glow of lightning or terrible eldritch necromancy, or something else entirely (I mean necrotech glow on a Cygnar jack might look wicked), you’re ready to start telling a story with your models. And these glow effects are just the beginning.

Want to add more detail to your minis? Check out this tutorial on ice and frost effects.


Ice and Frost effects are the perfect way to show off the fact that your army is pretty cool.

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