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40K: Look Who’s Missing In Codex: Death Guard

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Sep 11 2017

We were looking at Codex: Death Guard and noticed some Chaos Units went MIA…

The Death Guard Codex is coming to stores next week but we’ve already seen the Table of Contents. On first look through the book, we can confirm these units are not included in Codex: Death Guard:

Missing Chaos Units

Dark Apostle


Exalted Champion

Warp Smith


“Standard” Chaos Space Marines







“Standard” Chaos Terminators

Chaos Bikers



Warp Talons







Chaos Vindicator


Obviously, we left out the Chaos God “Devoted” units like Berzerkers or Rubric Marines. We also skipped over the Chaos Daemons for the same reason. Some of these units getting a pass in Codex: Death Guard make sense, for example Warp Talons/Raptors. The Death Guard aren’t really known for their “lightning quick” assaults. “Standard” Chaos Space Marine Terminators getting the book also aren’t needed now that the Death Shroud and the Blightlord Terminators are a thing. Even the plain old standard Chaos Space Marines aren’t really needed thanks to having Plague Marines.

There are other units that we were a little shocked to see go missing. Havocs and Vindicators in particular as those seem to still “fit” in the Death Guard wheelhouse of units. The Daemon Engines like the Forge and Maulerfiend were also a surprise exclusion – considering that Defilers and Helbrutes are still in. Perhaps GW just wanted to make way for those new Blight Drone-type units or the Plagueburst Crawler.

But there are a few units up there that are just going to sting for a subset of Death Guard/Chaos Marine players. Not having “Death Guard” Bikers is really going to irk some folks who were fans of running those. On the other hand, you can still Mark them Nurgle – you’ll just need to ally them in. However, that could cost you some benefits and they still won’t count as Death Guard.


What do you think of these missing units? Any particular ones that you’ll really miss?

Author: Adam Harrison
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