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FFG: Arkham Horror: A Phantom of Truth Follows the Yellow King

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Sep 20 2017

The Path to Carcosa gets another Mythos Pack – are you prepared for A Phantom of Truth?

We’ve been really enjoying Arkham Horror The Card Game here at BoLS. Recently, we got a copy of The Path to Carcosa when we at GenCon and I’ve been enthralled by this game…again. As I’ve mentioned before during the Dunwich Legacy article, the way the Mythos Pack work is that each “Deluxe” Expansion is the start of a new Story Arc. There are then 6 Mythos Packs that continue the story and tell the tale for that Mythos Cycle.

Fantasy Flight Games has now announced the third Mythos Pack for The Path to Carcosa and it’s got some new upgrades and themes I can’t wait to try out.

via Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Flight Games is proud to announce the upcoming release of A Phantom of Truth, the third Mythos Pack in The Path to Carcosa cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game! You can pre-order A Phantom of Truth here today; then, read on for more details!

Months after The Yellow King played at the Ward Theatre, your investigation into the strange events surrounding the play has left you with more questions than answers. You’ve encountered Cultists, Lunatics, and Monsters. You’ve uncovered horrific Schemes of untold scope. And you’ve witnessed Terrors that may or may not have been Omens of greater perils.

All these things brought you, recently, to pay a short visit to Arkham’s asylum. And now you’ve walked out, wondering what to make of everything that you’ve seen. So where do you go for answers when your world’s tilting into madness?

The answer: Paris.


A Phantom of Truth continues the investigation of this mysterious play know as the King in Yellow that was making the rounds in Arkham. It’s what has kicked off this entire investigation and tested your strength, courage, and your sanity along the way. Now, the investigators find themselves in Paris trying to track down whatever truths may be hidden across the Atlantic!

One of the new mechanics/themes from Path to Carcosa is the concept of Doubt vs Conviction. Thematically, it’s the idea that maybe your investigator isn’t falling for what their eyes have shown them to be true – maybe they aren’t just monsters from beyond…that’s the Doubt side of the coin. On the flipside, you’ve got Conviction – You believe that, YES, those are monsters and you’re here to do something about them.

Mechanically, it’s how those two play off of each other that can get your Investigator into (or out of) trouble. With the new Weakness cards that are in the Mythos Cycle, they can really do a number on your Investigator’s sanity.

Aside from a scenario that is going to have you trekking all over Paris, the Mythos Pack also contains more player cards to add to and expand your arsenal. This set in particular has a focus on upgrading existing basic cards with newer versions that cost XP to add.


(As you play the campaign with the same deck, you gain XP which you can spend to swap out cards with newer, better versions of those cards – or completely new ones!)

The .45 Automatic is a staple in many Guardian (Blue Character) themed decks…and also in other decks that can use them. Now, the two XP cost version adds an extra Combat icon, the ability to ignore retaliate on the attack, and a +2 Combat bonus vs the old +1. That’s a very nice improvement and I know a few characters that will want to slide these in as soon as possible!

Pickpocketing is also a staple in many Rogue (Green Character) themed decks. The new two XP version will add the Fast keyword, an extra agility icon and an improved ability. Now, when you successfully evade an enemy, if the test was passed by 2 or more, you can draw 1 card AND gain 1 resource. That’s going to be very useful for these sneaky characters that don’t want to engage in a direct confrontation.

The Path to Carcosa is starting to get a little tighter and the Investigator’s minds are starting to slip at this point in the campaign. Depending on how well you’re doing up to now, you should be able to get to Paris and uncover A Phantom of Truth…or you might go crazy trying.

A Phantom of Truth $14.95



In A Phantom of Truth, the third Mythos Pack in The Path to Carcosa cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game, you and your fellow investigators make your way across the Atlantic. Tormented every night by vivid dreams of an alien world—with black stars, twin suns, shattered moons, and twisted spires—you decide not to grapple with your Doubts and Convictions in Arkham, but to pursue the play’s director, Nigel Engram, and whatever he might tell you about the sinister truths that lie behind the play.

With game effects that key off the campaign’s rules for Doubt and Conviction, as well as a host of new player cards to help keep you grounded, A Phantom of Truth steeps you in a world of supernatural terrors, psychological torment, and thrilling mystery.

A Phantom of Truth is due out in Q4 of 2017!


“It was just a play” they said…”It’s not real” they said…

Author: Adam Harrison
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