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Privateer Press: Grymkin Units Part 1

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Sep 19 2017

Grymkin have hit the streets and there’s a plethora of gnarly dudes to field.  Come check our Part 1 look of the new Grymkin units!

The newest Hordes faction, Grymkin, are upon us in “fool” force.  Today in Part 1, we are looking at the backbone of the army’s field units in this series. In part 2 ,we will focus more on the supporting cast.

The Grymkin troop selection includes both melee and ranged units which gives you some flexibility in playstyle.  Whether you are looking to share the unhinged ways of the Grymkin with some weaponmaster toting pumpkin dudes, or shoot your foes from afar with eyeless sight guns, you can scratch that itch.  Maybe some stealthy, stabby birdmen is your thing. Or some off-the-wall piggy bros on bro shieldmen. Or stick-riding cavalry is more your style.  Grymkin truly encapsulate “the strange” in the warmahordes universe.  Lets dive in!



Dread Rots

This is a melee unit made-up of farming, pumpkin headed scarecrow-like fellows.  If you want to do damage then get these guys into the enemy heavies by charging.  They are POW10 weaponmasters who are tough and can generate corpse tokens for nearby body snatchers.  Not only do they do some heavy hitting on the field they look cool (editors note: I would have gone with creepy) and I’ve always had a place in my heart for Sleepy Hollow-esque themes. At 7/12 points with FA3 you can cover the board in pumpkin men!


This is the primary ranged unit for Grymkin.  They are surprisingly sneaky with Apparition, Combined Range Attack, and Eyeless Sight.  So even if they get jammed up, they can slip away with Apparition and then shoot away at those annoying troops. With CRA the Hollowmen threaten heavier armor and/or high defense models.  Clouds and Stealth offer no defensive bonuses from these all seeing hollowmen! At 8/13 you can field 2 units of gun toting guys for a relatively affordable point investment.

Murder Crows


These guys remind me of the birdmen in WoW and Labyrinth. If you want some squaky, sneaky killers then these are the go-to Grmykin.  With all sorts of rules to sneak into the enemy lines (Advance Deploy, Stealth, Pathfinder) they work well in one of the theme forces.  At 9 points, you can field 2 units of these guys and sneak up the board somewhat safely.  Also the SPD7 makes them a very fast threat.

Neigh Slayers

Cavalry that isn’t cavalry?!  These are small based 30mm models that have the cavalry rules!  They are not as fast as other cavalry units but they still pack a punch. These imp/goblin dudes riding “horse-heads-on-a-stick” really captures the crazy nature of the Grymkin.  These bad boys have armor piercing so even heavier armor will feel these Neigh Slayer.  You can field them for 7/12 points and FA:2




My pick for the best Grymkin unit is their shield-wall infantry, The Piggybacks! They are extremely tough to kill and have armor for days.  Watch out for this unit on the field; if you can’t deal with their high armor due to shield wall, you’re in for a long day.  They cost 9/15 points and are FA:2

Final Thoughts

The Grymkin are stacked with some great units and can field something for all occassions!  Come back for part 2 where we look at the supporting units of the Grymkin!


What do you think of the units of Grymkin can field? Let us know  in the comments below.

Author: Revenant
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