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Bite the Bullet: Eldar NEED New Eldar Aspect Warriors

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Oct 9 2017
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The Eldar army has always been popular – but it’s 2017 and the range is tied to a boat-anchor of ancient minis that need to go.

Believe me – I LOVE the Eldar.  They were my first true 40K love and I still send them out on the tabletop to this day.  I’ve got a giant army ranging from the original Rogue Trader “Eldar Pirates” all the way to Wraithknights.  It’s a mixed bag, but it gets the job done.

But as I was marveling at the amazing skill and technology that makes the 2017 Death Guard range possible – it’s getting hard to ignore the Eldar infinity-elephant in the room – the Aspect Warriors are WAY WAY past their prime and are weighing the entire range down.

I’m going to date the existing range by the first Eldar codex they appeared in and figure out how old they are.


Codex Eldar -2nd Edition (1994)

Codex Eldar – 3rd Edition (1999)


Codex Eldar – 4th Edition (2006)

The “Recent Aspects”

A bunch of the aspects got new metal minis alongside the 4th Edition codex – replacing their original incarnations going back to Rogue Trader.


Dire Avengers – 2006


The new guys. These plastic minis are great and are the brightspot in the line. DAs are the most common aspect so it made sense for them to get the modern plastic treatment first.  The rest of these got metal – now resin minis.

Fire Dragons – 2006

Swooping Hawks – 2006

Howling Banshees – 2006

Striking Scorpions – 2006

Dark Reapers – 2006

Shining Spears – 2006


The Old Guard

These are the minis who can legally drink. These are over 23 years old now and it shows.

Warp Spiders – 1994

Phoenix Lords – 1994

Avatar of Khaine – 1994


A lot of solutions are possible – from a new boxed kit for every aspect to various combo boxes.  Some of the aspects are somewhat similar and may be able to be redone with common kits and head-equipment swaps.  For example:

Dire Avengers – Done

Scorpions – Dragons (heavy segmented armor)


Warp Spiders – Dark Reapers – (chunky armor – large bulky weapons)

Banshees – Swooping Hawks – (light armor, dynamic in-motion posing)

Shining Spears (upgrade sprue for Guardian Skyrunners)

Some of these might be harder than others – but it’s possible and the Eldar really need it.  Because let’s be honest… When I can shell out my hard earned money for minis that look like this:

I really shouldn’t be asked to pay a lot for these:


And these have a really good paintjob to help hide their age.


~How would you replace the Eldar Aspects?


Author: Larry Vela
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