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GW: Gone Missing – Adeptus Titanicus

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Oct 13 2017
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Where in the world has Adeptus Titanicus gone?

Titans – the massive Machines of War constructed by the humanoid races of the 41st Millennium to bring death and destruction to their foes. Their struggles was epic and their impact has been felt all over the tabletop. The Rumormill was heating up early this year about the return of the classic game from Games Workshop. But now we’re in the last quarter of the year and Adeptus Titanicus has gone dark…


Back in January we got a drip of information about the game.

via J Martin (Spikeybits)

The book is done, the minis are done. Titanicus is going to print next week and will be out this year.
They are going to do a big release with boxed game plus extras. They pushed the schedule back a bit to flesh it out more.
They have learned from BB that people are lapping Specialist Games up, so are going to get more budget for it.

We also have some more info coming from Open Day regulars Battle Bunnies:

via Battle Bunnies


Adeptus Titanicus is delayed (it was originally planned to be released around february). Not being rushed out. Might be out before the end of the year.
There will be complete plastic buildings (which you can destroy yourself, by cutting etc).
Thanks to Blood Bowl, and the delay there is a possibility of plastic Titans which go on sale at the same time as the black book / resin ones.
The book art for ‘Titan’s Death’ is being worked on right now.

Those seemed to line up with other rumors all the way back in May of 2016:

via Recalcitrant Daze (May 2016)

However talking to Andy Hoare, Mark Bedford and Chris Drew I can mention the following:

The game is set during the Horus Heresy in the spirit of the original Adeptus Titanicus.
It will begin with just Titans.
The scale will be 8mm – They decided on this scale after 3D printing a Marine, Dread, Leman Russ, Warlord and a Mastodon in three different scales. 8mm was deemed the best as you could see the details to the point of telling different armour marks apart but didn’t make the Titans too big.
8mm will make a Warlord around 6″ tall (that’s what it looked like why Andy Hoare put his hands apart, don’t blame me if the final model is smaller or larger…).
The models will be produced in resin by Forge World.
Typical force may be in the region of two Warlords, two Reavers and two-three Warhounds.
More Titan variants are possible.
Down the road infantry and tanks are to be introduced.
Other forces are also possible, this includes Xenos which can be introduced in a themed expansion, e.g. Adeptus Titanicus: Armageddon to bring in the Orks.
Currently the Titans are being 3D modelled by Chris Drew, the Warlord has been done as the 40k version was originally 3D modelled so it was a case of just scaling things down and getting it to work as a model which can be manufactured.

We may, may, get to see something at the Forge World Open Day…(may, depending on Tony Cottrell)

Heck, we know the game is pretty much ready in terms of rules – Games Workshop showed it in action in February 2017.


Sure, it was a demo and they were using the 40k Scale models – but you get the idea! The rules and even the mock-ups were done, send it to the printers and lets rock, right?! Well…not exactly.

One of the big issues Adeptus Titanicus has faced has been the production of the models. Do you do Resin vs Plastic? Who will produce the models –  Game Workshop (plastic) or Forge World (resin)? What about the scale issues? Details? Different weapon options? Different races? And then there was the issue of capacity. As far as we can tell GW has a pretty set production cycle and they seem to know well in advance when things are going to be ready and ship out. Maybe the Titan’s proved a bit too much for the current work load from GW/FW.

Or maybe the game has been put on the back burner for other reasons. Shadespire is ramping up and looks to be a new, competative game. It really could win over some of the skirmish/competative crowd that enjoys those types of games. And then there is Necromunda on the horizon, too. That’s another boxed game that looks like it’s just about ready to go. Plus Blood Bowl has also been getting a steady stream of releases. And let’s not discount the success of 8th edition. Even without every army getting new kits – it’s been a pretty large release as a whole.

On the flip side, looking at the upcoming things and the known release dates, there are some gaps in the schedule. We’ve got 4 Saturdays between now and the end of October. We know Tyranids are getting a Codex pre-order November 4th. Plus the Eldar should be around the corner as well.

With all that said, we’re still hoping that Adeptus Titanicus shows up sooner rather than later. The teasers and mock-ups we saw got us all really excited. I, personally, would love to see a Warlord Titan kit that was roughly the size of a Knight in plastic if for nothing more than to keep on my desk! And if GW/FW expanded their scope to add in Gargants/Bio-Titans/Chaos Titans/Eldar Titan/T’au Titans…I mean, C’MON! That would be awesome.



So where has Adeptus Titanicus gone? Who knows – but is not forgotten!


Could you resist an 8mm Scale Warlord Titan? What Titan would you want to add to your collection just because? Let us know in the comments below!

Author: Adam Harrison
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