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PP: Trenchers Dig In for Reinforcements

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Nov 19 2017

Looks like the Trenchers are getting reinforced. So dig in and check them out.

A few new releases for the Trenchers will close out the month, filling out a few of the roles we’ve been waiting to see. A new solo and some defensive embankments to remind us all to go back and listen to that WW1 run of Hardcore History.

And not long after their release, we’re expecting to see more Northkin trolls as well, incision a new Warlock and, if all goes well, even more bears. But, in the meantime, Cygnar’s sending more troops to the line, where they probably won’t all die horribly, because Dig In is a very good ability, and this theme force is astonishingly resilient.

via Privateer Press

Trencher Commando Officer – $11.99

Masters of covert operations, sabotage, and targeted elimination behind enemy lines, the officers of the trencher commandos are the best of the best. These officers lead squads of commandos on the most dangerous and sensitive assignments, where their paramount goal is always simple: complete the mission at any cost.

Trenchers Combat Engineers – $24.99

As turn the wrenches of the mechaniks, so turns the war. Trencher combat engineers are even tougher and more combat-ready than their field mechanik counterparts in the regular Cygnaran Army. Every man and woman among them must be as adept with a firearm as they are at maintaining and repairing the warjacks and weapons of the platoon.


Trenchers Blockhouse – $59.99

Blockhouses are often built to support Cygnaran trenchworks, providing girded fire bays and supporting fire in the event of an enemy overrun of the front. Able to withstand direct artillery fire from all but the heaviest enemy guns, these blockhouses return fire with salvos from their impressive cannons while acting as mustering points to reinforce embattled trencher platoons.

Still waiting on Privateer to realize that all they need to do is release a Bear themed force, which collects all the bears in the Iron Kingdoms into am unstoppable army.

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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