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Privateer Press: Warmachine and Trollkin New Releases

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Nov 26 2017

More new releases from Privateer Press, new Trollkin, and a Mennoth Flame Machine (probably).

That’s right. One last wave of new releases for November. Northbloods get some more trolls, in the form of a unit of Raiders and also a devastating Solo who seems ready to roll up on your opponent’s units and eat them for lunch. The Protectorate of Mennoth get their new Revelator Colossal Warjack as well, which is both great at defeating magic and setting things on fire. And you might be wondering what kinds of things can it set on fire? Well, as a Colossal, I can tell you pretty much wwhatever it wants.

via Privateer Press

Northkin Raiders$84.99

Dedicated raiding bands are vital for smaller kriels that rely on their spoils to survive. These skirmishers use ambushes and hit-and-run tactics. Raiders carry firebombs used to set buildings ablaze to distract sentries and lure them from storehouses, bombs equally effective against massed infantry. It is also their job to plunder downed foes after a skirmish, a task veteran warriors consider beneath them.

Valka Curseborn Chieftain of the North$17.99

Few warchiefs command so black a reputation as the acrimonious Valka Curseborn. Noted for a foul temper, he has become bitter and ruthless with the passing of the years. At each battle’s end, he looks around himself with bloodied axes, taking in the carnage he has unleashed, disgruntled that he still draws breath. He seeks a hero’s death but is too stubborn to die easily. The foe worthy to claim his life has yet to stand before him.



The consecrated colossals of the Protectorate of Menoth are towering masterpieces of faith and war. The Revelator strips away the obscuring magic of profane casters and scorches the earth to leave nothing but ashes behind.

So, from a certain perspective, this week’s batch of releases are all about ice and fire. Maybe someone should sing a song…

Author: J.R. Zambrano
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