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What Codex Blood Angels & Dark Angels Will Tell Us

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Nov 8 2017

The two upcoming codexes from GW will answer one of the last unknown questions of 8th Edition – exactly how mono-chapter Astartes codexes will be handled.

We’ve already gotten our hands on Codex space Marines and it is a monster.  But, it has to be, covering well over 900 marine chapters and traits for all of them – even before you shoehorn in all the Primaris units.

But Blood Angels and Dark Angels will answer some questions we haven’t seen before.


Exactly how will the Primaris marines be handedl and integrated into an existing mono-chapter codex.

We’re had two mono chapter-legion codexes so far, but both of them aren’t an exact fit.

  • Grey Knights are very divergent and have no Primaris marines, so that isn’t a good comparison.
  • Death Guard are a mono-legion codex, but it’s Chaos so any apples to apples comparisons goes out the window.

New Codex Questions

What I’m really wanting answers for are:

  • Will all the Primaris units make their way into the Blood Angels and Dark Angels books?
  • Will the Primaris get fully use of the special chapter rules and what cool combos could be had there?
  • Will the codexes offer chapter traits, either for individual companies (Think Clan Raukaan, or Sentinels or Terra), or perhaps for the handful of successor chapters?  I think it would be REALLY cool to give chapters like the Flesh Tearers or the Angels of Absolution something cool to give them tabletop flavor. Heck, some of these successor chapter already have characters with rules like Gabriel Seth, so I say go all the way GW!
  • What “New Units” will the chapters see?  The cheap and easy way out would be to just add the Primaris marines from the Space Marine Codex.  The much more flavorful option would be to mesh Primaris marines with the chapter lore. So for example, a Primaris Sanguinary Priest, or a Deathwing Primaris unit in Gravis armor could be very cool.

We don’t know exactly when these codexes will arrive, or if they will be separate, or together. But in any case, I think these books will give us a good template for Space Wolves. I can hardly wait!


~How do you think GW will handle the new Blood Angels and Dark Angels codexes?


Author: Larry Vela
  • GW: Rumor Engine - Flowers For Orkgernon