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X-Wing: Saturation Devastation

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Nov 22 2017

The new Saturation Salvo is a great way to clear out Swarms – and bypass those pesky high Agility pilots!

Swarms aren’t exactly tearing up the meta these days, but with ships like the Phantom II coming out and giving folks reasons to fly close, formation flying is becoming a thing. If your opponent is flying tight, Saturation Salvo is going to be a great way to break up those wolf-packs of ships.

1 Point of AoE damage that is unavoidable is good – but it’s nothing to write home about, right? Well, what if you could turn this into a a combo you can perform every turn? Let me introduce you to another silly X-Wing Combo using a ship that doesn’t get a ton of attention – The B-Wing!

I’m starting with Nera Dantels because of her pilot ability – this B-Wing can fire Torpedoes in 360° which is perfect for this whacky trick.

I’m going with Proton Torpedoes because of it’s higher squad point cost – this will pair nicely with Saturation Salvo.


Munitions Failsafe is very necessary for this to work. And you’ll see why thanks to the next card.

Here is where we break it down. Accuracy Corrector is what makes this tick and that’s because of a single word: “may.”

There are two functions of this card:

1) When attacking, you may cancel all of your dice results.

2) Then, you may add 2 hit results to your roll.


So what happens is goofy – Nera fires her Torpedoes off. Then, regardless of what either player rolls, execute part one of the Accuracy Corrector and cancel all dice. Then, because you “may” add 2 hits, you choose NOT to, forcing a miss with the attack.

Now, because you’ve “missed” two things happen:

  • Munitions Failsafe triggers and you never discard Proton Torpedoes.
  • Saturation Salvo Triggers causing all ships withing range 1 to roll to see if they take damage.

I can’t take credit for this one – I honestly don’t want to! A friend of mine pointed it out and I must say, it makes me want to bust out the ol’B-Wing and give it a go. You could even swap out Proton Torpedoes with Ion Torpedoes because it’s a value 5 upgrade. You wouldn’t generate Ion tokens, but you would totally cause some AoE damage to ships.

Bring on Saturation Salvo and let the AoE damage flow!


What do you think of this crazy X-Wing combo? Let us know in the comments below.

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