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Privateer: Meet the Northkin Hearthgut Hooch Hauler

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Dec 5 2017
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Privateer shows off the biggest toughest rolling battle-keg of them all.

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Last month, the Northkin stormed into HORDES, bringing the power of their frozen homeland down upon all who threaten their kith and kriel. However, while the howl of winter winds and roar of firebombs and fire eaters alike has echoed across the battlefield, a classic song says it’s not Christmas until you can hear those “slay bell jingling, and ring-ting tingling, too.”

I am referring of course to that lorry of liquor, that carriage of canned heat, that tumbril of tipple: the Northkin Hearthgut Hooch Hauler.

Early renders of this massive battle engine were shown off during the Lock & Load 2017 Keynote. And now it’s my distinct pleasure to get to show off the finished sculpt of this model, huge hooch keg, crazy crew, and (dare I say it?) hulking draft beers…I mean, bears and all.


This thing even puts the tank-like War Wagon to shame in terms of its pure size, Plus, it simply radiates crazy northern spirit-fueled madness. I tremble with both fear and anticipation to see what some of our more inventive hobbyists from up North come up with for their own Hooch Haulers. I have no doubt it will do their homeland proud.

Even without visions of Hooch Haulers amped up and overclocked by maple whiskey-fueled dreams, this model is more than just a hobbyist’s dream or an amazing centerpiece for a Northkin-themed army. The Hooch Hauler has the rules and abilities to make it literally a central focal point of any Northkin force.

You have likely seen the final Hooch Hauler rules by now in No Quarter Prime #2, which covers all things Northkin. But if you haven’t yet learned what this schooner of spirits can do, you can check out its rules right here on the WARMACHINE and HORDES card database. Suffice to say, in addition to bringing the pain with its High Proof exploding Cask Bombs and SP 10 torches, the Hooch Hauler provides a +1 to attack rolls for all Northkin within 10˝ thanks to Veteran Leader and can grant all Northkin models within 5˝ Stumbling Drunk. There are few things better than having an army of no knockdown, Tough models…unless they are no knockdown, Tough models that have a possibility of wandering out of the threat range of whatever attacked them. Nothing ruins an alpha strike faster than having the enemy heavy take one punch to the face and then stumble right out of melee range.

So, I can hear you asking, how can you get your hands on your very own Hooch Hauler? Just like the Dracodile that was announced back in October, the Hooch Hauler will be made available exclusively through our Black Anchor Heavy Industries line beginning January 2, with pre-orders ending February 2. All pre-orders for the Hooch Hauler, which will ship out by the end of February, will contain a Black Anchor Heavy Industries beverage can cooler as a free bonus!


And if you miss out on the pre-order window, never fear. All Black Anchor Heavy Industry models are available to order following the pre-order window, just sans sweet bonus item—in fact, the very first Black Anchor Heavy Industries model, the Dracodile, will be available for general ordering beginning later this month.

Hooch Hauler Rules

But really, don’t miss out! Mark your calendars and pre-order your Hooch Hauler to ensure your enemies hear those slay bells all year long!

Author: Larry Vela
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