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Upcoming Privateer MiniCrate: Ashes to Ashlynn

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Dec 15 2017
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Privateer goes over the next Minicrate offering: Ashes to Ashlynn

MiniCrate Gives You Wings! via Privateer Press

When we design miniatures for WARMACHINE and HORDES, there are a lot of different considerations to bear in mind, particularly with how the miniature represents the game rules as well as the fiction of the setting. MiniCrate, however, frees us from those concerns and allows us to do something that is purely artistic expression with the only goal being to create a great-looking miniature that you want to paint and put on the table.

While there is some adherence to the general aesthetic style of the setting, we’re otherwise permitted to have fun and hopefully be as clever as possible. Want to turn a hideous swamp monster into a femme fatale? No problem. How about swapping genders on one of our most famous mercenaries and putting her in a wooly onesie? If the sheep fits, wear it!

A lot of the inspiration for our MiniCrate creations comes from whatever creative wordplay we can do with the name. “Di Wulfe in Sheep’s Clothing” is probably my personal favorite so far, but the upcoming “Bloody Bradigan Pitt” and “Geist of Christmas Yet to Come” minis are direct results of playing with names.

When it came time to figure out what to do with Ashlynn d’Elyse, all I knew was that whatever we did had to contain “ash” in the title.  After that, I was stumped. Ashlynn is an iconic character in the Iron Kingdoms, and I wanted to do something that properly glorified her, but nothing was gelling.

[Flashback] Quite a few years ago, before my life became Privateer Press, 24/7, I had the great privilege of illustrating a number of Magic: The Gathering cards, and I was particularly known for angels. Exalted angels, fallen angels—it didn’t matter. So long as they had wings, I was thrilled to paint them.  [End Flashback]

I haven’t had much opportunity to illustrate angel characters for the Iron Kingdoms, and I think my fondness for winged warrior women finally gave way as the inspiration for this reimagining of Ashlynn. Still, just putting angelic wings on her didn’t sit right with me. Even though there aren’t any rules for MiniCrate, I still wanted it to be symbolic.


And then it clicked.

Ashlynn is a leader of the Llaelese Resistance—a group of indomitable freedom fighters battling to resurrect their kingdom from ruin. So, I gave her the fiery wings of a phoenix, representing her rise from the ashes of Llael and the indestructible spirit that continues to fight for her nation and her people. “Ashes to Ashlynn” is, in a sense, a symbolic metaphor for the true character of Ashlynn d’Elyse. It might not be as clever as “di Wulfe in Sheep’s Clothing,” but there’s some real meaning behind the design.

You didn’t think we could get this deep with MiniCrate, did you? We spend a lot of time thinking about this stuff!

But the best part about the upcoming “Ashes to Ashlynn” mini is that it’s been sculpted by that maestro of maidens, the major domo of miniatures, the man without whom my concept art would be so much useless chicken scratch—Mr. Doug Hamilton. Like a clairvoyant, Doug has the uncanny ability to look at my scribbles and see the miniature I am dreaming about then bring it to life in true, three-dimensional beauty. I feel lucky every time one of my designs makes its way to his desk. He makes the minis look better than I can even imagine.


Now’s the time to subscribe to MiniCrate before Ashlynn is gone in a puff of smoke! Go to before December 19 to get your subscription started with “Ashes to Ashlynn” and, with your VIP subscription, a bonus seventh model: “di Wulfe in Sheep’s Clothing”!

Author: Larry Vela
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