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40K: Calm Before The (Release) Storm

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Feb 15 2018
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Games Workshop seems to be pumping the brakes for the Warhammer 40k releases…or are they just getting ready?

Since 8th edition dropped last year, Games Workshop has been putting out 40k releases at a pretty break-neck pace. We had (pretty consistent) a new release for 40k every week or two. However, this month seems like we’re in a 40k drought. Now that’s probably because it only feels like a drought because we’ve been drinking from the fire hose for 40k – but it does feel like GW is taking it’s time with the next wave of 40k.

What Gives?

Well, for one thing, they are mixing things up and giving Age of Sigmar a lot of attention right now. Malign Portents is a pretty big deal for them and there is even a 6 week Global Campaign, Dread Solstice, happening as we speak. I think this is a good change of pace for them as a company – it gives them a chance to stretch creatively and try new things.

And it’s good for the players – 40k fatigue is a real thing and taking a (relatively short) breather from the game can help folks come back feeling refreshed. Especially after a big event with some added drama, it’s good to take a breath, evaluate, and move forward.

Also let’s not discount some of the smaller, other games that are getting some much needed love: Shadespire and Necromunda! Personally, I kind of wish that GW would crank out those releases and blast us with those at the “fire hose” level for a couple of weeks straight. I want to get ALL the gang rules for Necromunda (with models, too) and see what’s next with the Shadespire stuff! Plus, I don’t know if anyone is even talking about this, but Shadespire is branded as a “Warhammer: Underworlds” game.

I’ve found that strange from a branding point of view. Lore-wise, Shadespire is the cursed city where these warbands are trapped and are doomed to fight…but does that mean there is are MORE “Warhammer: Underworlds” to delve into? Anyway…


What’s Next?

Games Workshop has already announced the next three codexes. We know the Dark Eldar (Drukhari), Necrons, and T’au are next up. That has it’s own set of hopes and fears to go along with it. I have one more hope for those three books, other than “I hope they are good” – I hope that Games Workshop has taken a pause to create some next-gen models for those races, too.

I don’t know exactly how long it takes GW to go from art sketch to plastic kit, but I know that process can take time – like a long time – and I’m not going to pretend that a pause in 40k releases equates to a ton of new kits for 3 armies in the game. However, I think that GW could probably get a few characters (looking at you Vect) for each race – possibly a new unit or two as well. I started playing 40k because the models caught my eye and blew me away – I stayed because I enjoyed the game. I’m hoping that after this short pause, 40k comes back with more kick-ass models and rules that suck me right back into playing it!



What do you think? Is this the calm before the 40k storm or was this just a planned break for GW’s “other” games to get some love?

Author: Adam Harrison
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