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40K Op-Ed: What Happens When GW Grants ALL Our Wishes?

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Feb 5 2018

Something really funky is going on guys – we are running out of dream races for GW to bring back…

We’ve been harping for years about all the great races that used to be in the game that GW needed to bring back.  Some of these were from 40K directly and some were factions from other game systems (like EPIC).

In the past couple of years these guys made their way back into the game after over a decade absence:


Genestealer Cult


Imperial Knights


Then the Boxed games starting coming back:


Blood Bowl

Adeptus Titanicus


Now all of a sudden these guys show up and I have a funny feeling they are only the start:


Oh yeah – that’s the ancient Rogue Trader Land Speeder from the 1980s making a return:


These guys look a lot like Arbitrator and a Cyber Mastiff to me:



And last but certainly NOT least – a Squat returns…

What’s About the Future?

That’s a really good question.  All things retro are red hot these days and GW is reaching way back to give us all the lost gems they can find in the archives. Some obvious culprits if GW is serious about bringing forces like these above back to the game are:

Plastic Sisters

You can only dress these models up with super paint jobs so much in 2018.


Tyranid sub-faction – or Tyranid Hunters?


I can dream – and he better be as big as a dreadnought!


Sabre Tank Hunter

Who remembers this guy from 20 years back?


GW said late last year that 2018 was going to be the “year of the Xenos” and I think they meant it…


~What can you reach way back in time and dig up for GW to return to the game? The list is getting thinner by the day.

Author: Larry Vela
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