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HOLY MOLY:AoS Idoneth Deepkin are Happening!

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Feb 26 2018
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Info has come in confirming that the fishy race from the deep ARE coming to Age of Sigmar, and may be hidden in plain sight!


By now we all know that Battletome Daughters of Khaine brought us tantalizing hints of GW’s semi-legendary “Menfish” from over 30 years back.

The Menfish. For decades players have been wondering if one day they might see a race of fish-people take to the shores of the Old World. Decades later… there was a mysterious undersea boat

Which belied some kind of aquatic themed happenings. Sure, perhaps it’s just a sunken ruin, but–it seems like there might be slightly more to it than that after the latest news from the Daughters of Khaine sourcebook.


Then we saw the story of the “Idoneth Deepkin”…


It’s always fun to speculate – but all of the above is just that – fluff based speculation.  There is absolutely nothing really concrete, from say the rules section of the Battletome that that would prove that Idoneth Deepkin are a REAL thing…

oh wait….


Oh CRAP – it’s actually happening!

There is chatter on the Age of Sigmar REDDIT that the miniature for Mistweaver Saih is an Idonith Deepkin. Take a look: 

Which moves us right into the next real community battle…


~I’m Team Mer-Man ALL THE WAY! Don’t let me down Nottingham.


Author: Larry Vela
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