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Legions of Nagash – The Bringers of Darkness

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Feb 2 2018
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The Legions of Night bring a whole new meaning to the Term Night-Terrors!

Are you afraid of the Dark? Maybe you should be because when the lights go out the Dead Rise! Nagash’s Legions have maybe tools at their disposal. So far we’ve seen the hordes of Skeletons, the Necromancers, and the Vampires. Today we’re getting a look at the Legions of Night who use underhanded tactics to defeat their foes.

via Warhammer Community

Mannfred von Carstein is back and, while he’s never been the most apt melee combatant (but he IS still a freaking Vampire), he’s typically preferred to outwit his prey. Or just flat out lie, cheat, and straight-up trick folks. In game, his Legion reflects this trait with a couple of abilities:

The Bait

Getting a bonus to your save is always nice. The down side is that this only applies to your Deathrattle units wholly within your territory. But that’s why it’s called “The Bait” and not the “The Boss” I suppose. Just pose your skeletons in a taunting manner!

Realistically, considering what we learned about the Gravesite bonus the armies of Nagash get, these units are going to be pretty annoying for your opponent to dislodge. Your Skeletal Horde can keep your home-fires burning while your more elite forces push forward for objectives.

“We don’t like fire…”


Ageless Cunning

The next ability that plays into being the “sneaky” Legion is Ageless Cunning. Up to 3 Legion of Night units can be setup in ambush and can appear on a battlefield edge at the end of your movement phase! Considering some of the heavy-hitters that you can bring as a Legion of Night army, dropping a Zombie Dragon or Terrorgheist in your enemies backfield or flanks seems pretty good. And that’s not all – check out this mean trick:

“This ability also works when deploying your gravesites offensively – bring on a Death hero from a table edge within 9″ of a gravesite, then summon another unit you’ve kept in reserve from that!”

Surprise! The party is here and they are ready to rage. This could really create some great opportunities for cunning generals.


But Wait, There’s MORE!

The Legion of Night will also get more artefacts and command traits to toy around with too. Check these out:

Command Traits

Unbending Will can help keep your bodies on the battlefield. Always a bonus when you’re trying to tie up a unit or hold for just one more turn!

Unholy Impetus can help pile on the attacks. I’m not sure if it’s going to help you top that 162 attacks that the Grave Guard can theoretically dish out, but it can’t hurt to add more attacks to a Legion of Night unit!



Okay – this Curseblade is pretty bonkers. Why? Because it can cause Mortal Wounds to an enemy hero in your hero phase on a 4+. There is no range limit, no targeting restrictions, no where to run, no where to hide. Sure it’s only ONE Mortal Wound per turn…but you could take out lesser heroes in a few turns if you’re lucky – and you don’t have to commit any other resources to them! Alternatively, you could pick a bigger threat and whittle them down a bit before you engage. Oh and did you notice that it ALSO let’s you heal a wound on the bearer of this Artefact?

Morbheg’s Claw is going to help out your Legion of Night Wizards. It let’s you add 2 to the casting rolls for your wizards within 12″ – the down side is that the bearer can’t move, charge or attack this turn. However, if you were going to sling spells this round then this is a very nice boost.

Nightfall Pack Battalion Bonus

Swooping Predators is a bonus for the Nightfall Pack Battalion. It nets you some extra attacks on a successful charge for your Vargheists. More attacks equals more chances to kill stuff which sounds good to me!


The Bloodseeker Palanquin is a new Soulblight unit for the Legions of Nagash that is constructed from the same kit as the Coven Throne/Mortis Engine. If an enemy hero is slain within 9″ of the Bloodseeker, then nearby Soulblight units will get additional attacks thanks to A Fine Vintage:

To help you with this goal, the Blood Siphon ability should help out:

Anything that generates Mortal Wounds is going to be useful! With some hot rolling you could take a bloody chunk out of a hero with the Bloodseeker Palanquin for sure!


Death comes for us all…Make your peace before the Legion of Nagash arrives!

Author: Adam Harrison
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