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Malign Portents: Grots On The Scene

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Feb 6 2018

The Grots are finally getting some screen time in Malign Portents – it’s time to get to scrappin!

Games Workshop has another chapter in the Malign Portents saga available to read online. In “The Paradise Below” the Grots of the Black Worm Tribe get a visit from a Cave-Shaman and they get a vision of the glory that awaits them.


Naturally, there is a price for “Grot Glory” but after being given that vision, Warboss Naglig is all-in. But the funny thing about visions is that it all comes down to the interpretation.

Go read the story for yourself, but it’s a the first real mention of the Grots we’ve seen in Malign Portents since the videos. We’ve collated the rest of the stories as well if you want to take a look at those.

The forces of Destruction are in a weird spot, I think, in the Age of Sigmar. Based on the numbers from the previous summer campaign Death and Destruction never really had a chance. Clearly, GW is pushing Death as a primary force for Malign Portents but at this rate it’s starting to feel like their are the “Big Three” and then kid brother Destruction on the outskirts.


Maybe GW has some bigger plans for Destruction. AoS has been a pretty slow, long burn in terms of developments and Malign Portents is already trying to shake-up the status quo with the Lore that’s being added. Plus we’re getting the Daughters of Khaine at some point for this whole event. Will the Grots get to steal the show or will they get suckered into 4th place? Time will tell!


What do you think is going to happen with the Grots? Are they sacrificial lambs being led to the slaughter or are they going to surprise everyone and emerge victorious?

Author: Adam Harrison
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