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Privateer: Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet Available

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Feb 13 2018

It’s giant, wet and glowing! Now THAT’s a proper Cryx Pirate ship!

People have been wondering for a while, exactly what does Skarre’s undead pirate ship look like.  Well now we know…

via Privateer:

Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet — Cryx Warcaster (PREORDER) $124.99

Preorder Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet, by March 7, 2018, and receive a FREE Black Anchor Heavy Industries Bandana.

Preorders ship at the end of March 2018. Quantity limited to the first 1,000 preorders. Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet, will be available as a normal item in the online store after April 1st.

Black Anchor Heavy Industries Shipping

All BAHI preorders ship for free in the U.S. Any additional items ordered with the preordered item will ship at the same time as the preordered item.

All BAHI preorders ship for free internationally if they are ordered alone. Shipping charges for additional items ordered with the preorder are reduced by 50% (applied after customer selects a shipping option at checkout) and will ship with the preordered items.


That is one BIG mini.

Perched on the shattered timbers of her ghost ship, Skarre Ravenmane brings ruin to the mainland, the thudding of her iron cannons beating out a rhythm of war wherever she travels. She chooses companions aboard her funeral ship from the most accomplished Satyxis reavers, sending them into masses of infantry to claim a plunder of fresh blood. The ghostly chariot she rides was once the wreckage of a ship captained by pirate King Moorcraig, who had defied Toruk and died in the Dragonfather’s all-consuming flames. The ancient dead hold this accursed vessel’s shattered aft section aloft and are ground under its hull as it glides across the earth.


Skarre, Admiral of the Black Fleet, is a highly versatile and powerful warcaster that is more than capable of leading any Cryx army. Thanks to her flexible spell list, Skarre is a strong contender for all of Cryx’s theme forces. Spells such as Guided Fire allow Skarre to run a very battlegroup-centric Black Industries army, focused on ranged warjacks such as the Kraken, Reaper, or Leviathan. On the other hand, spells such as Dash also allow Skarre to run a dangerously fast infantry-centric Scourge of the Broken Coast or Slaughter Fleet army. Whether you like the look of models such as the newly resculpted Satyxis Raiders or the upcoming Scharde Pirates, Skarre can make any infantry fighting under her banner shine.

Download The Rules Here

~The real question is – where’s the front half?  I going with undead whale.

Author: Larry Vela
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