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Wyrd: Undying Box – The Wanyudo are Here to Haunt You

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Feb 27 2018
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Wyrd reveals the last piece of their latest adventure box – The Undying.

They’ve given us a look at Manos and the Mourners, Manos and his Mourners, and the Grave Golem. Today we get a look at the final piece of the Undying adventure box: the Wanyudo!

Wanyudo are the spirits of wicked people who have abused their power in life. Minako Rai can punish those she kills by turning them into these beings and forcing them into servitude.


On the tabletop, Wanyudo are fast enforcers that roll over anything in their path, leaving a path of broken and flaming bodies behind them. This makes them great for chasing down fast models, as does their ability to move through severe terrain without penalty.

Head over to the Wyrd forums to learn more!

Author: Mars Garrett
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