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Set Sail With Satyxis Next Week – Privateer Press

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Apr 15 2018

The Satyxis Solos set sail soon, you’ll see a whole bunch of special characters who bring the deadly grace and brutal lethality of the Satyxis to the Cryx fleets. Get your fleet prepped for these femmes fatale.

Here’s a look at the upcoming Cryx releases for April. Most of these will be out 4/20, but there are a few coming out in later weeks. The second half of April is shaping up to be one of the most piratical months for Privateer Press (and that’s saying something). Whether you need Satyxis Solos or Black Ogrun Blasters, you’ll find some cool additions to your Cryx themed forces in the very near future. Check them out!

via Privateer Press

Axiara Wraithblade – $12.99

Admiral Axiara Wraithblade is one of the most feared women on the Meredius and oversees countless pirate flotillas from her flagship, the Morbid Angel. Wraithblade earned her moniker from the blood-consecrated sword Anathema she wields. The weapon is a relic of Satyx, purified by blood priestesses in a ritual of carnage to infuse it with occult power. When she cuts enemies down by its edge, the spilled blood allows her to become as insubstantial as smoke, letting her bypass enemy defenses to close on her chosen foe.

Dirge Seers – $24.99

Among those in the Scharde Islands, some humans possess the gift of sorcery, kindled and enhanced by Toruk’s blight. Covens of these women may join the Cryxian pirate fleets, guided by inscrutable omens. Enthralled by the thrumming of blight in their flesh and blood, they indulge in feats of violence, showering in the blood of sacrifices while screaming prayers to the Dragonfather. Some captains feed a coven a steady supply of victims, hoping that amid tortured screams, portents of their future will be revealed.

Severa Blacktide – $12.99

Found in the maelstrom of battle, her laughter punctuated by the crack of her pistols as she sows chaos and death, Severa Blacktide is a legendary Satyxis warrior. Blacktide is the finest Satyxis gunslinger alive and is counted among the premier gun mages in western Immoren. Each bullet through a rival gun mage’s skull or heart serves as another reminder that she has yet to meet her equal and perhaps never will.

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