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Shading Satyxis, Painting Purples, and Building Boats – P3 Painting

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Apr 15 2018

It’s an alliterative althing this week, with a bunch of techniques on display to help you get your Satyxis raiders looking their best, and a look at Skarre’s massive ghost ship getting assembled. This model is a beast of a boat. Let’s take a look!

Satyxis Raiders are out in scores this week and next With a bunch of Satyxis solos on deck, and the Slaughterfleet Raiders currently making waves, it’s time to get everyone’s favorite two-eyed two-horned sailing purple pirates looking their absolute best. Today we’ve got a look at painting up horns and skin for you, so you can get your ladies lusciously lavender.

The devil really is in the details. I’m surprised at how many different shades of paint fit into just those two parts of the miniature.

But equally as subtle are the shades of skin that go into the Satyxis. It’s a Plethora of Purple.

And of course, let’s not forget the main event. Building the boat: Skarre, the Admiral of the Black Fleet is here, ready to storm the seas of Immoren. And she does so in style, with a massive ghostly ship at her beck and call. But just how big is this beastly boat–and what will it bring in with the tides? Let’s find out.


Cracked in two, but no less deadly, this Cryx Colossus is incredibly cool. So whether you’re setting sail with the Slaughter Fleet raiders, or hoisting your sails so you can follow the Admiral of the Black Fleet herself, get ready to cast off.

Really putting the Privateer in Privateer Press this week.

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