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40K Cosplay Artist Spotlight: Brand’s Great Armor Gallery

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May 24 2018

Brand’s Great Company has forged a gorgeous set of Space Wolf Armor to honor his passing. This week we’re showing off the finalized images of Brand’s Great Armor.

This month we are continuing our tribute to Brand’s Great Company, and the artists and cosplayers who stand among their ranks. Recently a gorgeous set of Space Marine armor was completed for Brand, and I wanted to take a few moments to truly appreciate the kind souls behind its creation. Hatton Cross Steampunk and a team of highly skilled artists teamed up to create the armor to honor our fallen Space Wolf, and today we’re going to finish our feature of his armor. You can see the full construction gallery HERE.

The Completed Armor

Here is the armor, in its final form. As a visual aid, the armor was worn by a local volunteer to show off the size comparison. The model’s name is Evan. He is 4’10” and the suit was made for Brand at 5’8″ so it sits a bit squished on him.  It was 90 degrees while he was wearing it. Enjoy this gallery of the finished work of these incredibly dedicated artists.




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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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