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EXCLUSIVE: Privateer Preview – “Scales of Doom”

May 30

Privateer Press is back with a new BoLS EXCLUSIVE Preview – but could this be a new unit for Warmachine/Hordes or are we looking at more Monsterpocalypse? I’ll let you decide!

via Privateer Press

“Don’t forget to moisturize this summer!”


The caption is the only clue we were given – sounds like something BIG and SCALY is coming this summer. Could it be another Kaiju for MonPoc or something in a slightly different scale?

Lots of forces in the Iron Kingdoms have scales Gatormen and Legion immediately jump to mind, but that’s not all it could be. Wanna take a stab at what this model is?


Monsterpocalypse or Warmachine/Hordes? Drop your best guess in the comments below!


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