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40K: The Unbeatable List – WarGamesCon 2018

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Aug 20 2018

It’s all over in Austin TX, and one list fought it’s way to the winner’s circle. Meet the current king of 40K’s Meta:

I would like to congratulate Nick Nanavati who took the 40K Championship with his list. Take a look:

It this looks like blast from the past – you are not alone.  Here’s Nick’s list that won LVO:


What Makes the List Tick

This is essentially an post FAQ optimized version of Nick’s LVO winning list with Agents of Vect added into the mix. While Knights and the Loyal 32 are all the rage, the “classic” hyper optimized Ynarri/Drukhari/Craftworlder list can still take names in the current meta. All the usual suspects are still there in the form of:

  • Yvraine
  • Dark Reapers
  • Shining Spears
  • Triple Ravagers

Doom + jinx + shooting/Spears is an excellent combo. This is one of the best single player lists in the game as you can play vs anything. It does a crap ton of damage – and has the bodies and board presence to score missions as needed. Death Stars are still here in 40k with Spears and powerful psyche combinations. Look at this list – it will be copied, tweaked, and show up in every event. Doom most likely needs to be looked at as having an army wide reroll on a unit usable by non eldar armies is probably too good. Shining Spears continue to be an issue but we’ll see what the future holds after NOVA and the FAQ.



~ So what do you think of the current top list in 40K, and can it hold it’s own against the rising tide of Imperial Knights?

P.S. The 2nd place list at WarGamesCon was something very special and very different. We will be examining it soon – stay tuned.


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