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40K New Factions, Necrons in Space, Reavers, Slaanesh and Privateer’s New Tharn

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Sep 3 2018

This weekend brought us TWO new 40K factions, Old World Legends, Necrons fleets, Tharn, Titanicus Reavers, Speed Freeks, D&D Minis, and what to expect from Slaanesh.

The Return of Slaanesh – Or What To Expect When You’re Excessing

After 6 years since their last miniature release and 3 years of being MIA in AoS, Slaanesh’s time might finally be here. What could GW have planned for the Return of the Dark Prince?

40K: Speed Freeks – An Actual Game

40k Players around the world are excited about the prospect of seeing some new Ork Models on the tabletop and the battlefields of 40k. But is anyone actually interested in the GAME Speed Freeks?

Unboxing Blitz Bowl – The Faster Offspring Of Blood Bowl

Blitz Bowl is a new Boxed Game from Games Workshop that is available in Barnes & Noble. We got our hands on a copy and are taking a look inside the box – what’s new and what’s different about this game vs Blood Bowl? Let’s find out!

D&D: The Next Wave Of Nolzur’s Marvelous Minis Brings You New Heroes, Villains, And Monsters

There’s a new wave of Nolzur’s Marvelous Miniatures inbound, bringing with it miniatures in some of the rarer player races, a few old familiar monsters, and more.

GW: New Blood Bowl & Adeptus Titanicus Pre-Orders – Pricing & Links

Games Workshop has a batch of Specialist Games miniatures up for Pre-Order this weekend. Bring on the Reavers and get your ‘stank on with Nurgle’s Rotters!

Privateer Press: The Tharn Are Coming – CID Has Launched

The next army to face the CID cycle has been announced–come read all about the Tharn and their new theme force within.

40K: Space Marine Adventures – Labyrinth Of The Necrons Unboxing

Take a team of 4 different Space Marine Heroes into the Labyrinth of the Necrons–brave the guardians of a forgotten tomb world and take the fight to a slumbering tomb before it can waken as we unbox the new co-op board game from Games Workshop.

40K: Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2 Adds A New Trailer To Its Collection

Trazyn the Infinite stalks the halls of his vast collection as he bears witness to a Galaxy throwing itself headlong into war–Battlefleet Gothic Armada Two gets a brand new trailer.


40K: Rogue Trader Coming Up Kill Team Next Week

Coming next week, the first big all-new expansion for Kill Team is coming, Rogue Trader is here.

Age of Sigmar: Made To Order – Old World Heroes

That’s right friends, for one week only you can order Order heroes, made to order. Get your hands on old favorites like Louen Leoncouer or Kurt Helborg next week!

40K: Leaked White Dwarf Pics Showcase The Elucidian Starstriders And The Mutants Of The Gellerpox Infected

Rogue Trader is coming next week–and that means that it’s being shown off in the new White Dwarf, and that means that we have some leaked pictures so you can check out some of the pricing and kits of the new models. Check them out!

  • 40K: Space Marine Adventures - Labyrinth Of The Necrons Unboxing