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AoS: Carrion Empire – New Models, New Rules

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Feb 4 2019

The Carrion Empire is pitting the Skaven against the Flesh-eater Courts in what is looking to be one gore-fueled conflict. It’s time to meet the leaders of these two factions in the upcoming boxed set.

A brand new battlebox is on the way from Games Workshop and that means two new characters are joining the ranks of Age of Sigmar. The Warlock Bombardier and the Abhorrant Archregent are fierce leaders that are looking to add some punch to both of these upcoming armies.

via Warhammer Community

The Warlock Bombardier

Warlock Bombardiers are skaven who have dedicated their awful lives to blowing things up. They have forgotten more about blowing stuff up than you will ever know. If the Clans Skryre ever need anything blown up (which is always), these are the are the guys they get to do it.

So how, exactly, will these explosion-happy skaven blow stuff up? With Warp Lightning and Doomrockets!

Like any skaven engineer worth their warpstone, the Bombardier has access to Warp Lightning. He can fry his targets from range and even choose to augment the spell. Just be warned – doing so could leave you just as shocked as your target!


The Doomrocket is a ranged attack that can cause some big damage. It’s not the most accurate shot but if it hits, that -1 to rend and D6 damage will come in handy. And then there is this special ability the Bombardier has:

It’s a risk vs reward – Do you want to go BIG or get blown-up? Either way, EXPLOSIONS!

The Abhorrant Archregent

The Abhorrant Archregent is the supreme leader of any given Flesh-eater Court. Ghoul Kings, are, as the name suggests, monarchs – this guy is akin to an emperor and lord over a vast domain. Centuries old, Abhorrant Archregents are horrifically strong and cunning, and their utter dedication to their delusions is resilient enough to bind together the fractious kingdoms of their kin.

As a Ghoul King, this new character is designed to be your on-the-ground leader for your Flesh-eater Courts. A deadly combatant who can help support your Ghouls, he’s the perfect addition to any army of the undead. Buff your units with a ton of extra attacks with Ferocious Hunters:


You can also use this character’s command ability “Summon Imperial Guard” to bring a unit into the fray with him as it offers the choice to pick a unit of “Knights” or “Serfs” to come to your aid. The “Knights” are actually Crypt Flayers and/or Crypt Horrors and the “Serfs” are actually a horde of Crypt Ghouls. That’s some bonus tactical flexibility that’s always appreciated!

Both of these new heroes will be available in the upcoming Carrion Empire which goes up for pre-order this coming weekend.

Undead and rat-men. This is going to get messy…

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