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Star Wars: X-Wing ‘Sith Infiltrator’ Expansion Announced

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Feb 26 2019

The Separatist Faction is getting a new ship and this Phantom Menace is one large ship you won’t see coming.

The Sith Infiltrator is a Large Ship that will have access to a stealth device. That should get the hamster wheel in your head spinning! And if it doesn’t keep reading because this ship has some pretty dirty tricks it can play. Let’s take a look at this new ship from Fantasy Flight Games.

via Fantasy Flight Games


Most commonly used in infiltration and assassination missions, the Sith Infiltrator is equally effective in ship-to-ship combat. Equipped with stealth technologies and advanced surveillance devices, the vessel known as the Scimitar was a particularly deadly craft offering its operators some distinct advantages in battle. Soon, you’ll be able to deploy your own Sith Infiltrator to the intense space battles of X-Wingwith the Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack.

Sith Infiltrator Pilots

First up we get the “baseline” for this ship. This is the generic Dark Courier and we can get a feel for what this ship does. A 3 die primary attack, 1 agility, 6 hull and 4 shields. That’s a solid stat-line and as a big ship that’s in the same lane as many of the others. Action bar wise it’s got a focus, a lock and a red barrel roll.

The first unique pilot we have a look at is O-66. Perhaps that a nod to the infamous Order-66, perhaps not. Either way this “sinister automation” swaps out the focus token for a calculate and can use that to perform an additional action after defending. That calculate token also has some synergies with more of the upgrade cards available to this ship below.


Next on deck we have Count Dooku. Darth Tyranus has some pretty dirty tricks that he can use in conjunction with this force tokens. The ability to remove a blue or a red token after defending is deceptively handy. For example, removing a red token is pretty obvious – but removing a blue token (like a Stealth token) means you can get a surprise counter-attack in.

He can also spend a force token after an attack hits to perform yet another action. Sneaky-sneaky Count Dooku!


Finally we have Darth Maul, clocking in as a 5. This is your Ace in the hole and he’s got a nasty ability to attack twice in a turn. This does cost 2 force tokens to pull off, but that extra fire power can be pretty shocking and effective. And if you can combine that with the title for the ship, you’ve got a pretty mean setup:


The Scimitar allows you to cloak your ship at the start of the game. On top of that, you get a few more actions to your bar. Finally, it’s got a great trick for when you decloak as well – if you’re target is in your bullseye arc, then you can hit it with a Jam token.

Probe Droid

Another bomb card is joining the arsenal of the game, although this one doesn’t work quite how you might think. The DRK-1 Probe Droid upgrade allows for some interesting hi-jinx:

The card just allows you to drop the droids, but what do they do? Take a look:

These droids effectively increase your ranges for Jamming and locking for all friendly ships. It can also move and has 3 agility and 1 hull! So, they can be shot – but who wants to waste time shooting probe droids…

More Crew Members

Count Dooku is also available in this expansion as a Crew slot. Not only does he add a Force Charge, he can afford your ship some more dice manipulation.



General Grievous is also making an appearance and makes a great addition for this ship. He adds some extra toughness to your ship and can recharge that ability after a friendship is destroyed.

Chancellor Palapatine is a pretty weird card. First off, he can ride with either the Republic or the Separatist factions. On top of that, he adds a Force charge and the coordinate action. However, his “basic” form allows you to apply stress to the attacker. And then, he get’s to flip his card…

And becomes Darth Sidious! His new ability allows for you to give a stress to a friendly ship along with a focus or a force token.

Finally we have K2-B4, this is a droid that you can add to your ships. K2 helps you use those calculate tokens a bit more efficiently and in a faction that has quite a few droids with calculate, those extra evades are going to add up.

Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack $39.95

The Sith operate in the shadows. As they unfold their dark machinations across the galaxy, they need a ship that matches their nefarious purposes. Casting a menacing shadow as it cuts across the skies, the Sith Infiltrator is the perfect choice to carry the agents of Darth Sidious on their dark missions and into the battles of X-Wing.


With the Sith Infiltrator Expansion Pack, you can use the experimental cloaking device, devastating firepower, and advanced systems of one of these ships to deliver vicious surgical strikes before vanishing into the void. In addition to the finely detailed and fully painted Sith Infiltrator miniature, you’ll find a collection of five ship cards, including Darth Maul himself, twenty upgrade cards that help you fully utilize the ship’s systems, and all the tokens and maneuver dials you need to launch your own secret missions.


There is power in the Dark Side…

Author: Adam Harrison
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