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40K Deep Thought: Limited Mini Ranges and Those Primaris Lieutenants

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Mar 1 2019

Games Workshop LOVED Primaris Lieutenants. Does it show the way forward into collectible limited edition miniatures?

There is no denying that Primaris are cool looking models. But Games Workshop’s model sculptors seemed to get into the idea of the Primaris Lieutenants. But did we need nine of them?

That got us thinking, “WHY so many? Hmmm, some of these are special editions or limited release.” Yes, that’s true, and it makes us think of those collectible Space Marine Heroes sets we’ve seen recently like these. They are cheap individually and make for neat little ways to give your army some character.

Series 1 – Various UltrasSeries 2 – Termys

The Future

And that got us thinking what if all those Lieutenants have been a trial run for limited edition collectibles that GW can expand to other ranges. The collectible hobby business model is quite popular in various parts of the world, and GW is never one to run away from a new revenue opportunity.

I’d suggest the following sets of 6 or 9 minis for future ranges:

Chaos Champions – Do 9 of these, one from each Traitor Legion. Players would fall over each other for these to add to their army, or just to have the full set for their display cabinet. (bonus secret mini – Doomrider)


Ork Warbosses – One from each Clan (bonus secret mini – Feral Orks Warboss)

Stormcast Eternals Lords – Mixed genders from various Stormhosts (bonus secret mini – Stormcast Valten)

Eldar Phoenix Lords – Just redo them this way, so folks can collect them all (bonus secret mini Arhra – the Fallen Phoenix).

Would you collect these and what’s your take on limited run collectible minis?


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