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Cosplay Community’s Choice: Kawaii Mayhem

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Mar 21 2019

This week we’re taking it to the streets! I’ve asked my readers to tell me who their favorite Cosplayers are, and this week we’re featuring one of them!

This week for the Cosplay Artist Spotlight,  the Readers get to pick the subject. That’s right, you. The home audience, actually have a voice in our crazy little Cosplay community. That being said, I have sifted through my email stack and ONE cosplayer has risen above the rest of the suggestions. Kawaii Cosplay is creating a myriad of projects from Comics, Film, Gaming, and beyond. Let’s take a look at her finished cosplay projects!

Sister of Battle

Sister of Battle image by Cosplay Enthusiast

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Image by Eurobeat Kasumi Photography


Classic Cable

Cable image by Disgruntled. photography


 Hella Image by  Disgruntled. photography


Deadpool and… Friends?
Image by Jason Laboy Photography

Domino is Lux Steez
Deadpool is Mark Knight Rises
Negasonic Teenage Warhead is Xero Gravity


Moira-OverwatchImage by @roxas_studios

Suicide Squad Joker
Image by Nerd Caliber

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Author: Jennifer Larsen
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