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Introducing XOLK – MDF Terrain For Historical, Fantasy, and Sci-Fi Games

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Mar 3 2019
XOLK MDF Terrain Review


Have you ever heard of a little company called XOLK? This North American Company makes fantastic MDF terrain and the goal of today’s post is to introduce you to them.Personally, I love XOLK. Aside from the Graveyard set, I own their entire Old Europe collection. I use that terrain for Frostgrave, Bolt Action and a whole host of other Historical and Fantasy based games.

XOLK manufactures terrain in 8mm (great for Titanicus), 15mm (great for Flames of War), and 28mm (great for a wide variety of games). For most of this post, I will focus on the 28mm terrain. The images in this post will come from a mix between Must Contain Minis (MCM) and XOLK. I will indicate with each picture where it is from so you can learn more about the product if you wish.

For those into Sci-Fi games, scroll right on down to Urban War Zone and read from there on. XOLK has some really nice kits available to you was well. As a heads up, some of the models are included in more than one collection. While I talk about lines and collections, all of the models are sold individually. Now, let’s take a look at XOLK’s 28mm buildings.

Price-wise, XOLK is very affordable. One thing to keep in mind while searching the site is that the prices are in Canadian Dollars.

Old Europe

The Old Europe Collection is the one that I own most of the kits from. I am missing just one from the complete set. What I like about this collection of kits is that they can be used for so many different settings. I use mine for Frostgrave, Bolt Action, and Blood and Plunder. I also have no issues using them for a large range of other historical and fantasy based games.

A Farmers Settlement set up for WW2, using mostly XOLK Terrain. Image from MCM.


An image of XOLK MDF Terrain in use for Frostgrave. Image from MCM.


MDF Ruined House 28mm terrain

This ruined building is my favorite in the entire collection. Image from MCM’s review.


Ruined Building Wargame terrain ww2

The building after I painted it up. Image from MCM’s Review.


XOLK Ruined Cottage

This ruined cottage is just $12 Canadian. This value based piece is the first item that I ever bought from XOLK. Image from MCM’s Review.


Ruined European Cottage for Bolt Action 28mm

The painted Cottage in Ruins. Image from MCM’s Review.


This kit is their Foundation in Ruins. I find a lot of use for this one. Image from MCM’s Review.


A second picture of the city walls kit. Image from a MCM Review of the product.


A picture of a really nice 15th Century Home. Image from MCM’s Review. Here, I am using it for Frostgrave.


An image of the house’s interiors. This time with Bolt Action Miniatures. Image from MCM’s Review.


An absolutely awesome MDF Bridge. I really like this piece. It is detailed enough, I didn’t even paint it before using it on the tabletop. Image from a Review on MCM.



On top of the items outlined above, the Old Europe collection also features one more 15th Century House as well as a Church /Graveyard set that you will see in XOLK’s other lines.

Urban War Zone

The 28mm Urban War Zone by XOLK is high on my wish list. This sharp looking set includes accessible interiors and buildings that would work well in games from WW2 all the way up to 40K.

Accessible Interiors - MDF Apartment Building

Clearly this building has taken a little bit of damge, but is mostly intact. Image from XOLK.


XOLK Building

This building took on a little bit of damage, but is in better shape than the fully ruined building below. Image from XOLK.

Ruined 28mm MDF Building

A ruined building. I could imagine some soldiers occupying this building holding on for dear life. Image from XOLK.

There are more buildings in the collection than the two I showed above. All are in various states of ruin and I could imagine having a lot of fun on this table for 40K or, in my case, Bolt Action. If you are so inclined, there is even a bundle deal to get a table full of this terrain.

Industrial & Sci-Fi

XOLK’s Industrial collection includes the buildings above along with a number of catwalks and containers that would be great for Infinity and other games like Necromunda. Xolk’s Sci-Fi line adds in more catwalk system platforms and terrain that would be right at home in 40K.

Industrial 28mm Gaming Terrain

This Bridge is part of a few collections, including XOLK’s Industrial line. I have to say I really like the look of this model and would try using it in a Urban War Zone. Image from XOLK.

MDF Bridge holding a Land Raider

This bridge is the same as the one in the earlier picture. It is a part of a few lines including the Sci-Fi Collection. Got to saw that I love the look of that kit. There is a land raider on the bridge for scale comparison. Personally, I would be fielding a Panther or Sherman on that bridge instead. 😉   Image from XOLK.

Dark Future

The Dark Future collection features Gothic style buildings that one would use for a number of Sci-Fi games. Below is a sample ruin set from the line.

Gothic MDF Ruins - Wargame Terrain - Warhammer

A Gothic Ruin Set. Models there for size comparison purposes. Image from XOLK.


Of course, you can’t have a Gothic collection without a graveyard. This kit is also part of the Old Europe line too.

MDF Wargame Graveyard terrain

The XOLK Graveyard set. There are a few models in this kit. Image from XOLK.

Role Playing Games

Now XOLK claims that their 3D Dungeon Collection is for RPGs, but I could see using them for all sorts of Skirmish and Dungeon Crawler Games, including Frostgrave.

3D MDF Dungeons

A 3D Dungeon Collection. Image from XOLK.

Other 28mm products

Outside of the lines above, XOLK has now gotten into making warmachines too. They have designed their first two for use with Warlords of Erehwon and other games.

28mm MDF Warmachines

A Large Bolt Thrower. This looks like a pretty cool model. I want one! As a note, the skeletons do not come with this kit. They are there for scale and demonstration purposes. Image from XOLK.


Speaking of Warlords of Erehwon, XOLK also produces token/marker sets for that new rule set by Warlord Games. XOLK also sells gaming bases.

Other Scales

While my focus is on 28mm terrain, XOLK also produces terrain for 15mm and  8mm gaming. Their 15mm sets are ideal for Flames of War and other games set in Europe. Below is a sample of their game.

A ruined Country House for 15mm gaming. Looks pretty nice to me. Image from XOLK.


Below is a sample of their 8mm collection. This scale is good for games like Titanicus.

Titanicus MDF Terrain

This is XOLK’s 8mm city of Iron. It would work nicely for Titanicus. Image from XOLK.

Other Products

Finally, XOLK makes painting accessories in addition to terrain. This includes paint racks, counters and even movement trays. My favorite of these products is the mini painting station. Before my fully decked out desk from HobbyZone, my mini painting station received a lot of use.

This is my XOLK Painting Station. This MDF kit is fantastic and very useful. I placed a 28mm tank-hunter on it for scale. Image from MCM’s Review. Price-wise, this one runs about $23 Canadian.

Wrapping it up…

Hopefully you enjoyed this look at the products by XOLK. On top of the ones showcased in this article, they have many other items worth looking at in their online store. Price is what attracted me to this company to start. The prices are absolutely fantastic. I was lucky in that I was able to buy my first purchases from a Friendly Local Gaming Store, so I did not have to pay shipping. That said, I am told that their rates are reasonable.

Finally, in the interest of full disclosure, I received a number of their products from XOLK for Review and Convention Gaming Support. 


Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Gaming Everyone!!!

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Jacob Stauttener
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