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Star Wars Armada: Top 5 EU Ships We Need

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Apr 26 2019

Let’s take a look at a few ships we still need in the game before we let the Clone Wars fleets wash over us.

Star Wars: Armada has had some new life breathed into it with the promise of a new campaign, two new factions and even more new ships. It’s a very exciting time for the game. In addition to the Super Star Destroyer and the new Clone Wars stuff, coming in 2020, FFG hinted that at least two other ships were coming this year. That’s got us thinking about what ships we still need to see. Now I’ve already looked at the canon ships that are left to be added to the game, but what about those from the old EU, the Legend Ships that need to come? Lets take a look at some of those we’d like to see. (n.b. the Dreadnought Heavy Cruiser is potentially canon and I covered it in the other article so I’m not going to cover it here again.)

1. Viscount-class Star Defender

The Viscount-class is the New Republics answer to Super Star Destroyers. It’s a massive Mon Cal ship that carriers over 4000 turbolasers and can go toe-to-toe with just about anything. FFG has stated that the Super Star Destroyer is just the first of the huge class ships and this is the obvious addition to the Rebel fleet to counter it. This ship is also pretty clearly the inspiration for the canon MC85 (the Raddus in the Last Jedi) which looks similar and is roughly the same size. The MC85 however only carries 18 heavy turbolasers, though its got some nice shields. Notably the Viscount is never mentioned having fuel problems.

2. Loronar Strike– Class Medium Cruiser

The Strike-Class was a powerful Imperial medium cruiser. This ship is relatively small, but packs a real punch, two of them are considered the equivalent of a VSD. This lighter ship was mainly used for fleet support and patrols in the Empire, until a lack of larger ships forced it into a front line role. It carries heavy weapons and shields for its side, but has a weak hull. I’d love to see this ship in Armada as it goes a pretty cool look, rather different from other Imperial ships, and it would be cool to see a long ranger glass cannon Imperial ship.

3. Nebula-class Star Destroyer

The Nebula-class was one of a number of EU ships built by the New Republic when they attempted to modernize their navy. This powerful ship is effectively the Republic version of an ISD and is pretty equivalent in power. Its got a very cool design and I’d love to see it come to the table top. Right now the Rebel large ships are all Mon Cal ships and it would be nice to see a different look and feel be part of their fleet. Extra bonus if the model is based on the older pictures of the ship.

2.  Lancer-class frigate

The Lancer-class is an Imperial dedicate anti-fighter support ship. This smaller ship carries an array of anti-squadron guns and is absolutely death to enemy fighters. It’s designed to fill a support and escort role and not something to mess with. I think it would be a great addition tot he game, as not only do I like the look of the ship, but its something the game could use. Right now squadrons are mopping up and running the meta. A cheap counter to them, that isn’t just other squadrons could be a big bonus to the game. (Note: There is apparently a Lancer-class frigate mentioned in the canon YA book Before the Awakening but I’m not sure if the ship they are talking about is the same as the Imperial EU Lancer or something different with the same name.)

1. Bellator-class dreadnought

The Bellator is a super heavy Imperial capital ship. At 7000 meters, its less than half the size of an SSD, but still around the size of 6-7 ISDs. It’s a very powerful ship and outclasses the vast majority of Rebel ships. It could easily be another Imperial Huge ship, giving them some real options and letting them take something a between the ISD and the SSD. I’d love to see the Imperials get more than one huge ship, as that should really be their stitch and the Bellator is a perfect choice.

Let us know what other EU ships you’d like to see in Armada, down in the comments! 


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